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Thread: Revis falls off cliff as top cornerback

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetglass View Post
    I still cant fathom how people on this board are claiming it was a good trade because we got Sheldon Richardson. What does Sheldon Richardson have anything to do with it? Would the Jets have even considered Millner if they still had revis? No! We would have had richardson at #9. Milner already looks like a huge bust after a few games. Cant stay on the field and there were already durability concerns, and while we cant expect a corner to excel right away, we certainly shouldnt expect him to get abused right away by an average rookie receiver who was drafted way after him.

    So Revis for Millner and a #3 next year looks like a huge swing and miss. What the Jets drafting Millner at #9 tells us is they wanted both Richardson and Millner, but they thought there was a bigger risk of taking Richardson at 9 and having Millner already picked by their next pick at 13.
    It's Rev is for Millner, a #3, and 16 million in cap space. That's the difference.

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    not sure if this was posted, but an interesting article on how the Bucs are using Revis:

    They are still using mainly zone and safety help for Revis. Either he has lost a step after the injury or Schiano is an idiot.

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    I'm surprised nobody has said it? guess I will.....

    Sign this beast!


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