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Thread: Trade proposal received - input appreciated

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    Trade proposal received - input appreciated

    I'm in a 10 team league (non-PPR). Roster (position players) as of today are:

    QB - Brees
    RB1 - McCoy
    RB2 - Murray
    WR1 - Cruz
    WR2 - J. Nelson
    WR/TE - J. Graham
    WR/RB - Josh Gordon

    BN - McGahee
    BN - D. Hopkins
    BN - Bryce Brown

    So, I got an offer of CJ Spiller for Jordy Nelson. I know that based on YTD production, it's a no brainer (keep Nelson). But the option to get a legit RB1 with big upside given my lack of RB depth is tempting. There are plenty of decent WRs to be had on waivers....but not of the level of Nelson.

    Current record is 3-1 averaging 131 points a week.

    What do you guys think?

    BTW - same owner rejected an offer of D.Hopkins for David Wilson. He also has Lacy, MJD and Doug Martin.
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    This one's tough. I probably wouldn't do it.

    Murray is an excellent RB2, especially because he goes up against WAS, PHI, and NYG X 2. The one question with him is durability. However, Spiller has had some injury issues this year and the fact that Fred Jackson basically splits touches with him worries me. Murray has the softer schedule and all the touches to himself.

    You only have Hopkins on the bench and Nelson is basically a must start every week. Whoever you pick up off of waivers is not going to be anywhere near as good and therefore I'd leave your lineup alone.

    P.S. When McGahee gets back into football shape, I think he'll be a decent flex option this year.

    Just my opinion. Good luck!

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    Don't touch that team, you're fine.


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