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So much fail in this thread brought to us by the usual leftwing know-less-than-nothing
dopes who get their news from Pravda-happy to splooge over anything that suggests American weakness/failure

The US never lost a single battle to Giap or N. Viet Nam Army

Tet was not a defeat, it was series of insurgencies that were all turned back but reported
to the American public by an anti-American, anti-war creep and other media Marxists as defeats
- and the fathers and grandfathers of today's all-day suckers bought it

Per lib media, these noble 3rd worlders practically willed themselves up out of their rice-paddied muck and mire
to victory vs the French and Americans-never mind the metric tonnes of supplies fed to Ho Chi Minh
by the PRC/USSR aka the axis of evil 1.0, to establish their own hegemony

Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy were memorialized by the Southern Establishment aka Democrats-not the
Republicans or the Tea Party


Keep the misinformation/laughs coming, nitwits
I didn't know we won the Vietnam War. The democrats in the South were the conservatives up until the 80's when they all converted to republican but hey let's avoid the facts.