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Thread: Official Week 5 Sunday games thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman Harris View Post
    We all know how quickly that can end... I've seen Jerry go from giddy as a schoolgirl to you killed my dog and children in seconds more than I can count.

    I'm surprised he hasn't had a heart attack by now with all of their last second choke jobs
    You called it.

    Romo is still on Jerry's team?

    Go Figure.

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    Actually, Jerry referred to this one as a "moral victory". Since when are there moral victories in the NFL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
    Lets put it in Raider 90210 context. They beat the chargers (they are dogsh1t) they still won't make the playoffs (haven't in over a decade) he always goes on about the o-line (chargers had half their line out to) typical raider 90210 comments (he's a detested poster here)
    Maybe your watching the wrong football. If you were watching American football you would realize the chargers and P Rivers were playing very well coming into last night games. They could have been easily 4-0 ( tough losses to texans 21 points up and the titans).

    Also if you watch American football you would know no team has had more injuries on the Oline than the Raiders. That is just a fact that no can dispute. ( the 2003 raiders Oline didn't even experience this many injuries) The raiders backups are out now on the Oline too ( they literally have guys starting off the streets).

    Never said the raiders would be a playoff team this year. 8-8 was my prediction. ( said this team would be no where near the first pick of the draft.). The more and more raiders can find a way to win these games now with all the injuries, bodes very well for later on in the season. The raiders soon will start to get their top players back ( Veldheer, Watson, and S Wisniewski on the Oline. That Oline will go from one of the worst to a pretty dominant one. So you say, if T Pryor can look good behind a garbage Oline now ,what .can he do with all day to throw.( not to mention what he can do with his legs with better blocking up front.
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    I'm looking forward to seeing how Winters plays Guard. Hope he doesn't get Geno killed on a muffed play. We need him to keep Vlad off the field.


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