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Thread: Quick question... Do the Pats* SUCK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fnordcircle View Post
    Are you physically incapable of making a post that doesn't reference homosexuality? I mean, is it like a tic or something and I should feel bad for you?
    You mean when referring to the Patsies? It's tough because it is so much of their identity.

    Maybe when they just stick to cheating, deception, and murder and stop sucking so much dong we won't need to address those points?

    Have you seen the nipples thread? I talk a lot about nipples too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by freestater View Post
    Quick question... Do the Pats* SUCK?
    No, but the fact is they'd be a 5-11 team without Brady.....and that's WITH Belichick.


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