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Thread: Holmes out again

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    just get rid of holmes the cancer. hes a selfish player

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Ray19 View Post
    We miss him, but thankfully, guys like David Nelson have stepped up.

    It will be a good thing when he does come back.
    Why? He will have no chemistry with Geno. I will agree he is better then others we have but they come to play. I am having my doubts about Holmes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjfollower View Post
    meh - i will always reject it.
    How can anyone accept could and couldn't as meaning the same thing? That's preposterous, even from a politician.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Never bought into any media rhetoric with Holmes. I stood up for him here in 2011 and took a beating for it.
    Come on you honestly don't think he had anything to do with ruining the locker room in 2011?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigdanNJ View Post
    just get rid of holmes the cancer. hes a selfish player
    He was and that doesn't mean in his contract year he can't be the difference between winning and losing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
    Holmes out again, I've always given him benefit of the doubt but this one has really p1ssed me off.

    He's clearly our best receiver, but to be out all last year and only play in 3 this year when your needed more then ever with a rookie QB just isn't good enough.

    For the money the Jets are getting absolute zero bang for their buck with him, we desperately needed him with Cumby being out this week. Can't wait to see the back of him and feel sorry for Geno that this guy is his only true weapon.

    The fact he seems to enjoy being out and getting off on our desperation we need him is another matter, not had a Holmes vent for a while so feel much better now.
    He is our best WR probably, but only because our WR's are terrible. He wouldn't be the best on any other team in the league outside of maybe Minnesota, Rams and maybe the Pats. I really don't care if he plays or blows out his hamstring when he comes back.

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    "Injury" prone player with a bad attitude and a terrible contract to match. Hope he's cut next year for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dcat View Post
    Yet it was Holmes who brought all this on himself with his selfish, petulant, obnoxious behavior in and out of the huddle, on and off the field in 2011. F-ck him. He's gone the day after the end of the season. Good riddance. Underachieving piece of sh!t.
    I agree with your sentiments. Holmes may be very talented but he is not a team first guy. There is a reason he was traded by Pittsburgh for a 5th round pick when he was only 26 years old. I wouldn't mind if Idzik made a statement and just cut this guy.

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    I feel like starting a poll thread on who is hated more: holMEs or Mehtard? It's always fun to spew in these two weekly threads

    If holMEs is so great why was he whining because he only got targeted once in the game before he quit on us this year? Because he can't get free, that's why. Why doesn't he get free? Because he dogs it when he's not the acknowledged target, that's why. Yes, he's had some good catches but even turnstile got occasional praise from broadcasters for a good play or series. Overall he's a waste of money and time... good riddance!

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    In many ways I get why Holmes doesnt want to play until week ten. Your getting Winslow back and the schedule gets easier after the bye. If he hurts himself vs NO coming back early it doesnt help. Yeah maybe a risky move but after the bye our O actually looks to be as healthy as it has been all year. I dont think it matters Nelson is playing good in his absence anyway. Hill and Kerley are the starters. WR doesnt seem to be a big issue at all for this team. He will play hard when he is on the field and at this point that is all I ask of him. I personally want to see if Salas can do anything anyway. We cut Campbell for him and held up a spot he better be better then the guys we have cut. He knows the O so this could be his last shot. He has ability no doubt. If he look descent I'd be perfectly happy with Hill, Kerley, Nelson, Salas, and Cribbs going forward. I'd actually be offering Cribbs and Nelson new deals already with how they have looked. Nelson is what 27 not really a risky extension IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsfanfromtheBURGH View Post
    I honestly could care less. It's not like we are really missing anything at this point. Def not worth the money the jets paid him so far.
    That is not true at all. This team really need him at WR whether we like it or not. He IS this teams #1 and is really missed on the field being a play-maker. I do think he is being payed too much money for the amount of games he's played after signing that contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TebowCan'tThrow View Post
    He is our best WR probably, but only because our WR's are terrible. He wouldn't be the best on any other team in the league outside of maybe Minnesota, Rams and maybe the Pats. I really don't care if he plays or blows out his hamstring when he comes back.
    Kerley has already developed into a better player than Holmes. It's not 2009 anymore Holmes is a shell of what he once was. He is suffering from a bad case of Keyshawnitis blaming his qb and everyone else for him losing speed and explosiveness. He will be a headache for the Pats or Giants next season after the Jets cut him and those teams think he's a bargain item in FA.

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    Holmes is a signing that has not worked out well for the Jets, particularly the last 2 years, he has been a total waste of a roster spot.

    Idzik needs to cut the Jets losses and part ways with Holmes this coming off-season, take whatever cap hit there may be and be done with him.

    They can ship Holmes out on the same bus they put Sanchez on this coming off-season.


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