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Thread: bradway and his scouts

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    Quote Originally Posted by eaglenj View Post
    So Bradway is the problem?

    Do you know we could have the Defensive Player of the Year and Defensive Rookie of the year this season, both of whom were drafted in the last 3 years outside of the top 10? Aside from those 2 players, we currently have a top 5 defense with an UDFA NT, 7th round pick at safety (in his second year), and a 2-d year LB. Oh and he traded up for the best CB in football in Revis.

    On offense, Dbrick and Mangold were drafted by bradway and made probowls and we signed Howard from someone elses PS (Bradway was not solely a college scout). Kerley is/was a steal as a 5th round pick and that is with him never playing a single down with an above average QB (geno is not above avg right now).

    Im not sure how long this fan base can complain about Gholston or Ducasse - no one hits on every pick, and Bradway has found far more gems then he has rocks.
    thank you - THIS GUY gets it!

    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    Yes, because one opinion wipes out 12 years of complete idiocy. Please. Bradway made some good picks but on the whole he was (and is) a disaster. I never heard of Idzik before he was hired, but to me the one huge red flag was that he didn't completely gut the front office, especially Bradway. Here's a guy who was part of 2 failed regimes (his own, which somehow he survived, then Tanny's) and why you would continue employing him in a position of huge responsibility is beyond me. If I had to guess, I'd say Woody probably prevented Idzik from firing him (same as he did with Rex). The owner is the big problem with this organization and unfortunately we are stuck with him for many years to come.
    You CLEARLY state Idzik SHOULD HAVE GUTTED THE ENTIRE OFFICE & HE DID NOT - according to you. It's highlighted up above. He did. You are wrong and come across demonstrating your typical SOJF ignorance and lamenting without even KNOWING all the FACTS.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    Nice post, except Bradway is the symbol of all the failed regimes of the Woody Johnson era. If he is still here - in a senior position - it tells me this organization has not moved on from embracing mediocrity. Don't give me this bullsh*t that Bradway is some great scout - for all the good draft picks (such as Kareem Mckenzie) you can point to the idiotic decisions (such as not recognizing the importance of certain positions, such as OT, and not re-signing.. Kareem Mckenzie, who went on to two SBs).
    Hey genius, the REASON we could not re-sign Mckenzie was b/c our Cap situation at that time dictated we could not keep him. NEXT!

    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    The Jets have whiffed on far more draft picks and free agents than they have hit on during Bradway's reign of terror. And again, what I said was that not firing him was a huge RED FLAG for me. It does not mean Idzik will be a failure, it just raises a huge concern about whether he will actually be in charge or not.
    ACTUALLY, you CLEARLY state that not gutting the front office was the RED FLAG, you threw in Bradway as a "symbol" of keeping members of failed regimes, SO WHAT?!? Bradway is still on board, he DOES NOT make the final call and is HIGHLY revered as an NFL scout. You clearly demonstrate your inability to even make a convincing argument without contradicting yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toooon View Post
    So save your "game, set match" ass-munchery unless you want to bring out the entire Bradway record and defend how any winning organization - in any industry - would not have fired that fool years ago.
    once again, your lack of intelligence in this debate shows itself. How does keeping Bradway as a scout harm the Jets? because YOU, A NOBODY and mere fan like the rest of us, THINKS (too kind of a word), NAY, believes he was a $hitty GM from 8 years ago? That affects the present day "Winning" of the NY JEts?!?!?

    By your asinine logic, we should have canned Mike Westhoff because he was a material part of & represented 3 failed regimes of Groh, Herm, and Mangini in not wining a SB.

    I am not some Chelsea-fu-fu like you, so I'll pass on your petulant "ass-munchery" comment. I find it typical that those who can not even defend their ignorant comments resort to name-calling. Get a life Incognito, and stop shaming #88 by changing your ScreenName.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gas2No99 View Post
    Some of you guys absolutely have NO IDEA what you're talking about and are the reason why the National Media depicts Jets fans as crying complainers and self-loathers. Idzik COMPLETELY reshuffled the Scouting & Personnel depts. The fact he ONLY kept Terry Bradway - HORRIBLE "contract GM" like Tanny, but NO ONE EVER doubted his talent and passion for scouting. SMARTEN UP OR DON'T TYPE!

    While I always appreciate your POV, observations, and contributions to JI, I believe you are incorrect on this one. Idzik DID pretty much blow up the scouting dept and the entire personnel dept:

    "Jets turned within today to name Jeff Bauer, their long-time college scout, as director of college scouting to replace Joey Clinkscales" - Jets Website

    "also added Kevin Kelly, who has been an area scout with the Indianapolis Colts, to their college scouting operation." - Jets Website

    "In what could be a prelude to a larger shakeup in player personnel, John Idzik made his first two changes to the Jets’ scouting department. The team will not retain Michael Davis, the assistant director of college scouting, and an area scout, Joe Bommarito, who was primarily responsible for the West Coast. Idzik had retained the scouts he inherited after being hired in January to preserve continuity as the Jets prepared for last week’s draft. But with the draft over, it is likely that Idzik will revamp the Jets’ player personnel department and select his own people." - NYT

    "The New York Jets, continuing to restructure their front office under new general manager John Idzik, hired former Arizona Cardinals GM Rod Graves Monday as the senior director of football administration . . . Since replacing Mike Tannenbaum, who was fired after the season, Idzik has overhauled the front office, the scouting department and the roster.

    The Jets parted ways with three executives, including assistant general manager Scott Cohen. Graves will step into the role of second in command.

    The Jets also announced the hiring of Matt Bazirgan as the assistant director of pro personnel. Previously, he was an area scout. Rick Courtright was named the national college scout.

    Idzik also had to replace four college scouts, two of whom were let go. He named four new scouts, including former Jets and Houston Texans cornerback Aaron Glenn, who spent last season with the Jets as a pro scout. The other new scouts are David Boller, David Hinson and Christopher Prescott.

    Of Tannenbaum's closest advisers, only three survived the front-office shakeup, including former GM and current senior personnel executive Terry Bradway. - ESPN

    Game. Set. Match.
    Very true, great post.


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