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Thread: Jets got penalized for the same ting Tomlin did and the ref was right there

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    Intentionally tripping a player is SLIGHTLY different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper View Post
    Intentionally tripping a player is SLIGHTLY different.
    Forget whether Jones was tripped or not for a moment.

    Did Tomlin intentionally try to obstruct the play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RazorJet View Post
    From this thread, i've gathered that f- nard circlejerk is the new rookie troll on here. That said, feel free to show your excitement he's here.

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    So, for those who think the referees shouldn't be fined or reprimanded in a way to stop blatant screw ups without repercussions:

    2nd down for the Redskins, short of the first down (by inches). One of the referees called a first down, and the chains moved and the sticks were changed to 1st down. The Redskins run the play, and during the play the down marker is moved back to 4th down because one of the refs decided it was short.

    The Redskins AND the Giants thought it was first down, but it was 3rd down. The Redskins threw the ball downfield thinking it was 1st down.

    The refs just can majorly screw up and it's okay? Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth were both saying how screwed up that is.

    This is why the refs in the NFL suck. Too much power. They can get away with anything. The league won't do anything to them, but heaven forbid players are on the white part of the out of bounds. This league sucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmans A Scientist View Post
    From Adam Shefter: Multiple Ravens players privately expressed disappointment that returner Jacoby Jones didn't simply run over Steelers HC Mike Tomlin.

    I find that interesting because
    1) clearly that wouldn't have gained more yards for Jones, and it would not have been beneficial for Ravens

    2) it would have certainly ended in penalty for Steelers and an ejection for Tomlin.

    3) I wonder if there would have been multiple 15 yard penalties on the Steelers.

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    I believe the rule is the Ravens wouldve been awarded a TD.


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