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Thread: Head coaching candidates???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    Talent does not dictate success, you still need adequate coaching. The Chargers had the talent to win numerous championships, but could never even reach ONE Super Bowl.
    Obrien is my first choice as he is a guy with strong character and understands how to structure a team/offense.

    Wisenhunt would also be a solid choice - and his best quality would like be the ability to get a strong staff together.

    We cant forget that if we bring in an offensive guy, or a first time HC (Obrien, Greg Roman, Bevell), they are going to need a DC with 3-4 experience. Yes our Dline can transition to a 4-3 relatively easily, but we do NOT have the LBs who can play sideline to sideline. Harris is slow as a 3-4 ILB, he cannot be a 4-3 MLB, espeically in a passing league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster View Post
    If Detroit decides it needs a new coach they will get the pick of the litter.
    That's a job that if Rex is fired, I think the Lions would go after him. They are already set on offense.

    In fact, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense

    Detroit has:

    -an offense already in place so Rex will not have to mess with it or tinker with it
    -a stud defensive line
    -a market begging for a national presence
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    Quote Originally Posted by usapaw View Post
    Exactly, Rex will have a new job within 48hrs as a DC and we will be laughed at by every decent coach in the league. Who would want this job? The fans are awful, the press is awful, the stadium situation is still a joke, the ownership is not great. Heck, even the uniforms s*ck (Yes they do). So, the JETS will, as usual, make the worse possible move. Nobody is going to win with this offense and the horrible talent we have at WR, TE, OL, QB. GM inherited a mess of a salary cap and we all want miracles.
    Ummmm what is wrong with a miracle?

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    @AdamSchefter: Bill O'Brien's amended contract shows he reduced the price of an NFL buyout from $19.33 million last year to $6.48 million for this year.

    @AdamSchefter: One Penn State official said Bill O’Brien’s rep recently approached the school about potential reducing his NFL buyout even further.


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