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Thread: WR Problem: How Do You Solve It?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 56mehl56 View Post
    I don't believe Lee has declared yet and was leaning to going back to USC .
    I don't know if Lee thinks he can rebound next year, but he'd be taking a huge risk by coming back, especially since I don't think they have a true blue chip QB set for next year, so it'll most likely be a transition year. I think in the end, he does come out, and I would have no problem with him in the first.

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    I'm really not sold on Teddy as Louisville played a weak schedule.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Win4ever View Post

    Well the main problem we face on offense is that we have a dire need of playmakers, AND we're going to lose our presumed No. 1 option, so not only are we trying to fill in the already existing holes, we have to fill in the hole that is created by Holmes leaving.

    If we bring in a free agent, he fills in the Holmes hole, possibly be more productive. However, we still have a lack of playmakers, so we would have to go into the draft hoping one of the guys that we have our eye on would drop to us, and I think anyone from the top 3 would be a fine fit for our team if we get someone like Decker to be the No. 1.

    There is no hole created by Holmes leaving. He's been gone for years.

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    I'm all aboard the Sammy Watkins train. Hopefully 6-10 can get him. Him plus a big free agent signing like Golden Tate, Boldin, or perhaps trading for Larry Fitzgerald. Then sign Greg Olson at TE, and we'll have a passing game.
    Then sign a competent a left guard and the pass protection is fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King P View Post
    Kelvin Benjamin is also supposedly going to declare. If we can't get Watkins, I'd love to draft Benjamin
    I would love to get Benjamin especially if we can get him with a high second round pick. He would be a matchup nightmare, if we can surround him with guys that can get him one on one opportunities.

    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    Sammy in the first, Kelvin in the second, Charles Simms in the third. Offensive problems solved.
    I would sign up for that draft in a heartbeat. Simms catches the ball pretty good as well, so it would add a nice element to our backfield which was missing since Goodson went down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    Don't want anything to do with Nicks.

    He always has those nagging injuries and doesn't have a single TD reception this year. Also seems to have at least one big drop in every Giants game I've watched this season.

    If we sign a WR in free agency, I want someone like Tate, Maclin or LaFell.
    Nicks has taken a beating this year in terms of value, and I worry about his speed. He seems to have lost a step, and I think that could mean he's not going to be the same type of player that he was before, which wasn't all that fast to begin with. I'm not sold on LaFell that much, but give me Decker or Tate, and I'm good. Maclin is a bit more risky because of his injury, and I don't know if I want to make him the defacto No.1 coming off the injury.

    Quote Originally Posted by 56mehl56 View Post
    My problem with Evans is he relies way too much on his physicality and using his hands especially. The plays he gets away with in college will draw many offensive pass interference calls in the NFL plus he's not really a great route runner who basically benefited from an offense that was very pass heavy.

    I would talke Watkins over him anyday of the week, but would also prefer Allen Robinson, Matthews, Kelvin Benjamin over him as well. This draft is loaded with Wr talent, there's no reason we can't improve on what we have. Also, I'm not ready to give up on Hill yet , sometimes development type wr's don't blossom till their 3rd/4th years. The guy has freakish size/speed perhaps we need to bring in someone like Toon or Walker to help mentor him.
    I think Evans could be excellent if he goes to a team that has a physical mismatch at TE. A team like the Pats with Gronk could really take advantage with him, because as a TE poses problems for smaller DBs, Evans can do the same, and teams won't have two DBs that maybe capable of stopping receivers that big and mobile.

    It could be interesting if we pick Evans, and then pick up Stefarin-Jenkins in the second to create a similar problem. But we also need speed on our offense, so I think someone like Watkins or Lee would fit in better, and then hope Benjamin drops to us in the second for the size mismatch. I think Hill will improve as well next year, but he needs players around him, because he's a one on one threat, but he's not nearly polished enough to beat double coverage.

    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    I would take Adams or Amaro before I would draft Lee.
    I would take Lee before Amaro because I think Amaro essentially just plays WR anyway. He's rarely lined up as a TE, and I think we can use Lee better in a WCO than Amaro (assuming MM stays ofcourse). Adams, I'm not that sure on, if he's better or worse, because I haven't watched that much tape on him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman Harris View Post
    There is no hole created by Holmes leaving. He's been gone for years.
    Yeah, but teams still put their No. 1 or 2 corner on him at times, so he still had some name value atleast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsCrazey View Post
    I'm all aboard the Sammy Watkins train. Hopefully 6-10 can get him. Him plus a big free agent signing like Golden Tate, Boldin, or perhaps trading for Larry Fitzgerald. Then sign Greg Olson at TE, and we'll have a passing game.
    Then sign a competent a left guard and the pass protection is fixed.
    I'm starting to warm up to signing Tate, but I want to know why his numbers were never that great before this season.

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    Get new ones. Draft better and pick up a true #1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Win4ever View Post
    We must have the worst set of WRs and playmakers trying to catch the ball in the entire league.

    Our "No. 1" is an over the hill drama queen who has lost his speed, can't catch in traffic, and is pretty much a malcontent. Is there a worse No. 1 in the league? Is there one guy that is considered a No. 1 on any other team that you wouldn't trade him for in a heart beat?

    Our No. 2 WR is a slot WR with injury problems and lacks top end speed.

    Our No. 3 WR is a speedster that can't catch the ball, and is injury prone.

    The rest are guys picked up off the street.

    So let's assume some things going into next season:

    Winslow and Holmes will be gone from the team. Salas, Nelson, etc can all be deemed free agents, so they are gone (but you can opt to re-sign them).

    What do you do?

    Free Agency Options:

    A) Eric Decker- He's a good pass catcher with good hands, decent route runner, has good size (6'3), and is fast enough but not a burner. However, he's also going to get over-valued because Peyton Manning will trump up his stats, and that could be concerning when he's facing double teams as our No. 1 WR since I don't think he's ever been a true No. 1.

    B) Hakeem Nicks- Probably has the most accomplished career of the guys available, but is also coming off a terrible year where he looks like he has lost a step. He wasn't super fast to begin with (I believe Geno ran a faster 40 time than him) so him losing a step could be a major blow to his abilities, and it's out of the realm of possibilities because of his knee injuries. Riskier than Decker.

    C) Jeremy Maclin- He had very good wheels, and was a good catcher who is familiar with the MM system. However, his injury is a major question mark, and if his explosiveness is robbed, then we get a lemon. However, he might be one to take a one year deal to rebuild his value. However, I don't think he's ever been a true No. 1 WR.

    D) Golden Tate- The fastest of the 4 main guys mentioned here and may get the second biggest contract out of the bunch when all is said and done, but he's not a true No. 1 WR either.

    E) Emmanuel Sanders- He's another fast guy, but a bit under-sized. I also don't think he's been a true No. 1 in any year of his career, so do we make him our highest paid guy?

    Salary Cap Problems:

    F) Andre Johnson- The Texans are deep in salary cap trouble, so there is a slight chance that he is let go (although I still think they will find ways to fit him in), and he's a true No. 1 WR albeit nearing the end of his dominant time.

    G) Miles Austin- He'll most certainly be cut and available, but he might be over the hill after all of his injuries, but still remains an option, especially if he won't cost top money.

    H) Sidney Rice- I'm not 100% sure he gets cut, but with a hefty price tag and Harvin on board, they might just cut the guy. He had one great year, and has been terrible or injured every other year, so I doubt he gets a high salary. He might be a worthwhile reclamation project.


    I) Sammy Watkins- The top rated WR in the draft, and a dynamic weapon similar to a more polished Coradelle Patterson with the Vikings. He will go high in the draft, and there is a good chance he won't make it down to the Jets pick.

    J) Mike Evans- A large target with good hands, I expect him to drop a bit when it comes to the draft because I really doubt he's running a fast 40 time. Good chance he's available in the first round when we pick.

    K) Marquise Lee- Prospects that have gone into their final year as the top WR, but dropped because of production, tend to have done well lately (Jeffery, Allen two recent examples), and he does have an excuse of having terrible QBs this season with a lame coach. I would have no problem picking him as long as he does well at the combine.

    L) Davante Adams- A very good WR prospect that could go in the mid to late first round if he does well at the combine. He could also go early in the second round if a team wants to pair him and QB Carr together.

    M) Jordan Mathews- A reliable catcher that won't set the world on fire, but also has a very good floor. He's deceptively fast and he's done well against very good competition in the SEC while being on an under-talented team.

    N) Allen Robinson- Someone who has the height and measurable assets to be a stud, but has lapses in concentration sometimes. He's very good at catching the ball at it's high point atleast in my viewings.

    O) Kelvin Benjamin- An interesting prospect, that could have his stock skyrocket if he actually posts a fast 40 time. He's built like a TE playing WR with good hands. If he posts a fast time, he could move all the way up to No. 2 on this list.

    P) Jarvis Landry- A good reliable target that will go across the middle with good speed and good hands. I don't think the upside is there to be true No. 1, but there is a reliability factor here.

    Q) Odell Beckham Jr.- Somewhat similar to Landry, as I don't think they have the potential to be No. 1, but will make a good complimentary WR with a good floor.

    R) Brandin Cooks- He's a slot WR nightmare, but we already have Kerley. But he has big play ability and would add a home run threat to our offense.

    S) Paul Richardson- A highly productive WR that constantly faces double teams but still produces. His 40 time could determine if he climbs this list.

    T) Brandon Coleman- A WR once thought as a possible first round pick, drops because of a dip in production and terrible QB play. He has the size and speed to be a dark horse to move up.

    U) Jalen Sanders- A dynamic slot option that is familiar with Air Raid concepts, but he should drop into the middle rounds.

    V) De'Anthony Thomas- He will go higher than some of the guys listed because he'll be a RB as well, but he could be dynamic as well, and if we have him as our No. 4 WR, he'd dominate.

    So what do you do with these options?

    Do you sign Decker to fill No. 1 slot, draft a first round pick in Watkins, Evans, Lee? Would Evans be at a disadvantage with Decker there because they are both larger guys who aren't burners? Do you try to sign someone like Tate or Maclin to a cheaper contract and see if you can fill out the roster better? How do you handle the draft? First Round WR, second round TE, and see which WR drops to the 3rd?

    Would you sign up for Decker, Lee, Sebastin-Jenkins, and say Brandon Coleman/Paul Richardson? A WR core of Decker/Lee/Kerley/Hill/Coleman? This is obviously just one combination and I didn't think of every possible candidates out there, but I would like to hear how you would fill out the roster. With money owed and contract status, our WR going into next year will be:

    1- Empty
    2- Empty
    3- Kerley
    4- Hill
    5- Empty

    So need to fill 3 spots from any combinations.
    The same way the rest of the O's problems will be solved, over time.

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    If Watkins is available draft him, I don't know about him being a grade A receiver but if there isn't any franchise QB, do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Win4ever View Post
    Yeah, but teams still put their No. 1 or 2 corner on him at times, so he still had some name value atleast.
    He only played in a handful of games

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood Nosebleed View Post
    I don't really like any of the FA WRs. If I had to guess I think we'll have the 10-14th pick in the draft. Sammy Watkins should be off the board by then. I would trade back into the early 20s and draft DaVante Adams while picking up an extra 2nd. Then I'd draft a combination of: Jordan Matthews, Gordon Melvin III, Bishop Sankey, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, and Jarvis Landry in the 2nd/3rd rounds.

    My perfect offseason/draft would look like:


    Antonio Cromartie
    Nick Mangold

    Josh McCown, QB, Chi - 2 years - 8mil
    Jarius Byrd, S, Buf - 4 years - 24mil
    Jon Asamoah, OG, KC - 4 years - 25mil
    Sam Shields, CB, GB - 4 years - 24 mil

    1-Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson
    2-DaVante Adams, WR, Fresno State
    3rd-Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin
    3rd-Jeremiah Attacho, OLB, Ga Tech
    4th-Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska
    5th-Rashad Greene, WR, FSU
    5th-Nickeo Whitley, S, Miss State
    6th-Phillip Gaines, CB, Rice
    7th-Michael Dyer, RB, Louisville
    7th-Kirby Van Der Kamp, P, Iowa State
    UDFA-Sean Price, WR, App State
    UDFA-Chandler Jones, WR, San Jose State
    UDFA-Trey Wolfe, CB, Forte Valley
    heavily insure holMEs, give him a key of coke and a couple cases of tequila, and buy them all!


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