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Thread: Superbowl Box pool

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    Superbowl Box pool

    I'm running an online Superbowl Box pool for $5/box. Payouts will be

    1st qtr: $50
    half: $150
    3rd qtr: $50
    Final score: $250

    Have about 55 boxes committed. Need more sign ups. PM or email if interested in playing. Payments and payouts via paypal.

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    39 more boxes to fill. How many you want?

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    Site access

    1. The site is
    2. You will need to set up your free account with a username/password
    3. Select "Join a Private Pool" from the "Pool Tools" drop down menu
    4. From the list of pool types, select "Superbowl Squares Pool" at the top right hand side
    5. Enter Pool ID: dcat2014 and Pool Password: (will send by PM)
    6. once you've joined the pool, it should appear on your "My Pools" list
    7. Select "Pool Home" then select "Pick Squares"
    8. Check off the squares you want. Squares already claimed will not be available. Keep track of how many you select.
    9. You can view and print the grid from the "View Grid" Screen
    10. This all has to be done by Friday. The pool will close on Friday at 6:30pm and the numbers for Denver and Seattle will be randomly assigned to the columns and rows by the host site.

    Payment instructions

    1. Paypal is the preferred payment method. pay to: will send via pm
    2. Please pay $5 for each square you have selected using the following instructions
    3. From the Send Money tab enter my email and the correct amount and select "I'm sending money to family or friends"
    4. If you already have sufficient funds in your paypal account, there will be no fee. If you use a credit card for any part of the payment, make sure you check the box to pay the fee yourself. Please do not send any money where I have to pay the fee.
    5. Make no mention of the word "pool", "boxes", "box pool" or "Superbowl pool" in the subject or message boxes. They can close my account for gambling use.
    6. If you don't have a paypal account, it's time to create one. Or you can mail me a check if you wish to pretend that it is still the 1980's.

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    Only 28 left folks, get em now !
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    10 boxes left.
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    Pool is full. Thanks and good luck.

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    Thanks and good job!


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