05:10 PM ET 02.07 | When NFL free agency kicks off in March, the wide receiver class will be loaded with talent. Luckily for the New York Jets, they are in desperate need of adding playmakers on the offensive side of the ball and they are reportedly interested in two of the top pending free agents. According to reports, the Jets are eyeballing two free agent wide receivers from the state of Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh Steelers wideout Emmanuel Sanders and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin. The Jets are expected to release Santonio Holmes in the offseason, which will free up $8 million in cap space, so they will certainly have some room to play around with if they are willing to open the checkbook to give Geno Smith a top receiving option in his sophomore campaign. Sanders will likely cost more money if the Eagles want to bring him across the PA Turnpike, but Maclin is coming off of a torn ACL and could come at a discounted rate.