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Thread: Falcons cut Safety thomas decoud

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    Falcons cut Safety thomas decoud

    Two years ago, the Atlanta Falcons signed Thomas DeCoud to a five-year contract. He subsequently earned a Pro Bowl berth after the 2012. Now he's going to be looking for a job.

    Rand Geitlin of Yahoo! Sports reports that DeCoud will be released by the Falcons by the fourth day of the league year, if not before. (We'd vote on before.) A big chunk of DeCoud's salary becomes guaranteed by that date, and there's no reason to think the Falcons will string out the process for a player who has played all six of his NFL seasons in Atlanta.

    At his best, DeCoud is a rangy safety that can make plays on the ball. But the 28 year old struggled in all facets of the game last season. We had previously mentioned DeCoud as a potential cap cut; his tag-team partner at safety, William Moore, should be safe.

    The move will save the Falcons $3 million against the salary cap, and create another hole on their paper-thin defense. We expect Atlanta to be very active over the next few weeks.

    Dennis Thurman, Rex Ryan, and Ed Reed can't be of service to this guy? Was a real playmaker in 12'.
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    Gotta think the FO is at least looking at that.

    We really do have a LOT of room to work with finally. Jets can be a serious force for a good while if Idzik/Rx play the cards right

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    DeCoud had a miserable 2013 for the Falcons' soft defense, grading out 83-of-86 in Pro Football Focus' safety ratings.
    Yep, sign him up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10PennyToColes87 View Post
    Yep, sign him up.

    Well if he's that bad I trust in Idzik to not sign that beast

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    How do you go from Pro Bowl safety to third worst in the league??? Could be some personal problems that are either closer to resolution now or rectified by a change of scenery. Worth a look.

    Maybe he just sucks, but I'd love to see the Jets hit on a reclamation project for once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10PennyToColes87 View Post
    Yep, sign him up.
    Because a change of scenery/coaching staff has never reinvigorated a player after a down year. Hell we're banking on Cro rebounding from almost an identical rank with CBs.

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    Free safety is arguably the Jets' least settled position right now- Dawan Landry is old and mediocre and for some reason, they've never given Josh Bush much of a chance- DeCoud is under 30 so it can't hurt to bring him in.


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