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Thread: CB Justin Gilbert might be BPA at 18...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slikmojet View Post
    Good stuff, but you have to take into account that they let Gilbert play press on only 10% of snaps where Dennard made a living. A corner playing more cover two or 6-10 yards from the receiver will have a hard time breaking up passes in the 5-20 yard range but will have an easier time defending longer throws. It bears noting that Dennard performed equally well across the board, he appears to be more NFL ready to start from day one while Gilbert has the higher upside and all the tools to succeed but will take a while longer to develop, sort of like Miliner did.

    Corners take at least a year to come on, even Revis took a while, but I have a feeling Rex can harness this kid's talent and fashion a CB to his liking, but if we draft him of course expect people to call him a bust if he's not Deion Sanders from day one.
    Milliner is a press, man coverage corner - as is Dennard.

    Gilbert is not. Let someone else take Gilbert and we'll be the lucky team that gets the better corner who fits our system.

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    I'm very opposed to picking a CB in the 1st.

    Just re-sign Cromartie and take Stanley Jean-Baptiste in the 3rd/4th

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    If WR is as deep as everyone says it is, going defense in the 1st is a very real possibility. You have to play to the strengths of the draft. I agree though that Dennard is a better fit for us, but would look at OLB if we were going to go defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King P View Post
    I'm very opposed to picking a CB in the 1st.

    Just re-sign Cromartie and take Stanley Jean-Baptiste in the 3rd/4th

    Re-sign Cromartie to a 2-3 year deal and draft someone like Jean-Baptiste, Keith McGill, or Phillip Gaines in the mid-rounds to groom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post

    Re-sign Cromartie to a 2-3 year deal and draft someone like Jean-Baptiste, Keith McGill, or Phillip Gaines in the mid-rounds to groom.
    I am liking McGill at FS more and more. If he struggles at CB at all, I would not hesitate to move him to FS. With his size and range, he could make a really good safety.

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    If the BPA is a defensive prospect like Barr, Pryor, etc then absolutely you take him. I hate the idea of reaching on offensive in this draft...

    WITH that said though - it's almost impossible to imagine a scenario with the likes of Beckham, Evans, Lee etc -- all being off the board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollywood Nosebleed View Post
    I agree with you I don't see any of the CBs high to mid first round talent. Honestly I think Verrett is probably better than Dennard and Gilbert. Dennard is very scheme specific. You can't play him off or he'll get burnt, and everyone loves Gilbert's speed and return ability. He's good but he's end of the 1st or early 2nd for me. I'd much rather spend a 3rd on EJ Gaines or Baptiste. Even a 4th on Phillip Gaines if he's projected to go there now.
    I agree with Verrett. He is just too small and being overlooked but could be anther Ricky Manning Jr. I dont think I'd take any of them in the 1st though. I just dont see a dominate #1 in this class at CB. Even if we cut Cro this is a very good FA CB group. There is no need to draft anther you guy when you have young CBs like Milliner and Wilson already. I dont think it will cost a lot at all to replace him. He saves what 10mil? For that I would think you can sign pretty much any of the big name FAs at CB. Even if they dont want to spend the money on Cox or Talib you still have guys like Davis, Grimes, DRC, Samuel, Tillman, Shields, and Verner who would fit in well on short term deals. I would love to see Tillman next to Milliner for like 6-7 mil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slikmojet View Post
    The cliff is precipitous after Gilbert and Dennard are gone, on the other hand the Jets have plenty of chances to get their game changing WR in the second to fourth round. I know we're all enamored with the idea of a WR or TE with the first pick, but it may not be the way our board stacks up in the end. Another young talented corner with insane athleticism might make more sense, in my opinion a topnotch corner is way harder to find than a WR, thoughts?
    I hope one of them is sitting there at no. 18.... would to trade down a few spots... there are wr's with first round grades who will be there in early 20s.... it is a deep draft...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamaicajoe View Post
    I'm saying it, WE DESPERATELY NEED ANOTHER CORNER!!!! Cro SINGLEHANDEDLY blew several games for us, he
    was a JOKE, weak corners NEGATE our top notch D-line, not to mention put the onus on our offense to score/keep
    us in the game after our corners get SHREDDED! Cro is our new Bart Scott/Ed Reed/washed up Rex's boy, I don't
    care if we sign him cheap and he's 100% healthy next season, he WON'T be any faster or able to tackle!! The draft's
    deepest (quality) depth is in WRs, a number of decent TEs, WE ARE TOAST if we get corner play like last year! Resigned
    Cro and Millner starting? Our D will leak like a sieve, every WR we play next year will lick their chops in anticipation,
    Rexy, get over it, Cro is DONE, and I don't care if we get Watkins and Ebron, our offense will NEVER be able to keep
    up/win a shootout caused by our (perhaps) LEAGUE WORST corner play!
    How many games did the Jets awful receivers cost them?


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