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Thread: What do you guys think of Paul richardson

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    What do you guys think of Paul richardson

    His weight is the only thing that really scares me but he's playing a lot of good teams in this clip and making plays. I'm not sure what to think of the fact that many corners are right next to him on the college level. Usually in these clips the receivers are wide open but these plays look like nfl plays where he creates a small window. Is it good or bad that he's only gaining nfl level separation on college corners?

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    I like him as a receiver, but I'm not sure he'll translate to the NFL. Like you said his size is worrisome and he's already had a knee injury. He's deceptively fast since he's a long strider, has good acceleration, and can high point the ball. I'm not sure he has the top end speed to beat corners deep which he'll need to do in the NFL. If he goes across the middle routinely I doubt he stays healthy. Best case scenario he turns into a Brandon Lloyd type. Lloyd was 6'1 184 and Richardson is 6'0 175. I'm not sure he has the frame to get to the mid 180s tho. I've also seen a few people compare him to Desean Jackson, but Jackson is a much more explosive athlete.

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    Djax...light feet meaning he is very smooth and fast. He's a player we need to look in 2nd round.

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    Looks decent.


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