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Thread: Media continues to pour it on the Jets; Decker to NY one of the WORST FA signings

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    This is NY, the entertainment capital of the world. The pencil jockeys that cover the NY teams have chosen the Jets as the tabloid journalism darlings going back to Herman "you play 2 win the game" Edwards.

    As for signing Decker the team needed to fill Holmes empty locker with another vet WR. This is bad news? This is a bad idea? IMO this is coming from people who don't suit up & get their bodies bashed around on NFL Sundays so I don't really care what their spin is. Please, the teams haven't even started OTA's yet so how does anyone know what is & isn't "a good fit."


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetsfootballguy View Post
    Odd how no one else seems to be able to grasp this. I think the consensus view, which includes this writer, is that it was smart for the Jets to sign Decker and really bad for Decker's numbers to sign with the Jets. I don't think there's anything controversial about either of those statements.
    Not everyone can play with Brady. Brees, Payton & Rogers I guess. There are 32 teams in the league.
    Thank god he thought enough of our organization to join us, tells me he might see a bright future here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    It's not about taking them seriously or anything like that. It's that they actually say this garbage and people still consider them respectable journalists.

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    Hey, it's the way of entertainment in 2014.

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    This article is criticizing Decker for signing with the Jets, not the Jets for signing Decker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBIII View Post
    If the Patriots signed him they would be labeled geniuses.
    +1 even a buddy of mine who is a fish fan says the same thing.

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    I saw Decker play and I like what I saw. But I guess we will find out for sure if he is in fact MBM made by Manning or not. I think the guy has good hands and he can work with Geno, it is just going to take longer than it would with a guy like Peyton. More or less goes without saying.

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    I'll make a sticky. Before I log off to do that, remember that the writers KNOW the JETS FANS OVER-REACT. Thaaaaats right; it's money in the bank.

    It's business, not personal.

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    Yeah, it was pretty stupid for a #4 to sign on a team where he will likely be the #1.

    Pretty stupid for a team with a need for a solid vet WR (and WRs overall) to procure a starting WR from one of the best passing offenses in the league.

    Dumb move all around, unless winning is on your agenda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    Jets a poor fit for Eric Decker

    Poor*Eric Decker. Yes,*he got paid. He's on this list not because of the contract, which is actually somewhat reasonable, but rather because of the fit for the receiver. Decker is closer to a*No. 2 receiver*than a No. 1. In New York, he's currently 1A, 1B and 7F. He goes from being the third option, to having the likes of*Darrelle Revis*andBrent Grimes*shadowing him on Sundays. Decker traded in his Bentley,*Peyton Manning, for an Oldsmobile Toronado,*Geno Smith. As we discussed on Friday's "Around The League Podcast" wide receiver went from a pass-happy offense to one that wants to grind the ball. Surely, his reality show will get better ratings in New York now, but his football life just got a whole lot tougher.

    -- Kevin Patra


    Lol. Any other team and it's a great move for a team trying to get better. When it's the Jets? Terrible move and poor Decker.

    Pretty incredible how the media continues to bash the Jets for anything and everything.

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    If Geno does get it together and Decker has a 1000 yard season, I'm sure all of these clowns will be acting like they thought it was a great marriage all along.


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