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Thread: Vick to Visit Jets **merged Vick**

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    This signing only works if Vick never sees the field. If he does I will root for his failure. Go Geno!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gastineau99 View Post
    It's funny that you put a value on animals by how much we can use and exploit then "bomb sniffing, military use, blah, blah." Cows are just as aware to what is going on as a dog, cows fear, panic and cry for their babies when they are taken away from them so people can drink their unhealthy milk.

    The amount of cruelty that goes on in the limited number of dogfighting circuits in the country pales in comparison to the amount of brutality that goes on in the meat and dairy industries, where every second 250k animals are brutally murdered.

    Take the blinders off buddy. Vick is no worse than Colonel Sanders or Ronald McDonald. Just because you choose to call a dog "friend" and a cow "food" doesn't mean that it suffers any less. That is just closed minded ignorance.
    How do you know those bean curds so brutally harvested to make your tofu did not suffer?


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