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Thread: TB Bucs Mike Williams stabbed by his brother, in the thigh

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    TB Bucs Mike Williams stabbed by his brother, in the thigh

    @ChrisFischer07: #Bucs Mike Williams stabbed by his brother, in the thigh. @HCSOSheriff trying to locate brother for questioning.

    @TBBuccaneers: Statment from Buccaneers Organization Regarding Incidient at Mike Williams' Residence: "We are aware of the situation that occured at..."

    @TBBuccaneers: "...the residence of Mike Williams and are working with him and the authorities to get additional information. While we have limited..."

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    If they hadn't cut Revis he would have stopped it.
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    Yeah, Sammy Watkins definitely won't get pass #7.

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    I hope none of them get the MSRA...

    But this kinda thing happens all the time in those family atmospheres.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DowNY View Post
    Yeah, Sammy Watkins definitely won't get pass #7.
    Poor bastard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hitman Harris View Post
    Poor bastard
    You're killing me tonight Hitman....LOL.

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    Which thigh?

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    @RavensInsider: Buccaneers WR Mike Williams stabbed in leg by his brother: Wide receiver in hospital @footballpost #NFL

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    It happens. Right?

    Not a circus unless it's the Jets.

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    Whoopty sh*t

    Me and my brother used to do this stuff all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Untouchable View Post
    Whoopty sh*t

    Me and my brother used to do this stuff all the time
    Stab each other?

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    @TheRedzoneorg: Tampa police believe Mike Williams stabbing "not accidental", issue warrant for brother
    #nfl #buccaneers

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    What position does his brother play? SIGN THAT BEAST

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    Will his brother be charged with carrying a loaded knife?

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    Williams rents a home in an up-scale Tampa sub-division and multiple press reports state he's been nothing but a problem since he's moved in. The property owner has been under considerable pressure to evict him. On the positive side, he's had his own radio program in Tampa which everyone has enjoyed. He's likable, well spoken and shown a good sense of humor.

    Unfortunately, he is a very wealthy, knuckle-headed 24 year old; that continuously puts himself in bad situations. Once he received the large contract extension he has been on the back page of the newspapers for all of the wrong reasons. Really sad story, but his NFL career is probably over and he is not mature enough to clearly see everything that is taking place.

    Hope he gets it together

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    Why do you say his career is likely over?! He didn't get his leg cut off... How bad could it be?!


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