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Thread: Gil Brandt lists Dee Milliner as a sophomore sensation

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoePNYJ1 View Post
    Yeah agreed on the WR. We really need a true playmaker. This report is saying that Dennard might be slipping.
    Michigan State CB Darqueze Dennard has three team visits scheduled in the next two weeks, according to's Gil Brandt.
    Dennard is set to visit the Rams on Thursday and then the Bengals and Jets next week. A report surfaced yesterday which said the NFL was not as high on Dennard's talent as the media is, so there is a chance the veteran corner could be selected in the second-round. Dennard excels in press coverage and staying physical with receivers throughout their route.
    Source: Gil Brandt on Twitter Apr 9 - 12:28 PM

    If that's the case maybe the jets can moe a 4th with their second to move up in the second round. There's also the possibilities of trading one of the 4ths for a veteran CB like Joseph. Possibilities are endless here hope Idzik is ready.
    A 4th for Joseph or a Dennard slide to the top of the 2nd where we can trade up to get him will silence a lot of whining around here....

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    Quote Originally Posted by k.Rhodes25 View Post

    I agree with him, I think Milliner is going to be very good. He was lining up vs #1 WRs late in the year and looked good. Should be much better in year 2.
    I'll be a lot more optimistic when Milliner performs like that against elite QB's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BRONX JET View Post
    There is no evidence he would have played differently without Reed. I would also caution not to jump the gun. He had some lucky breaks as well those last few weeks
    i agree...i thought his back was to the qb a little too one has revis' hips but lets hope millner can turn around towards the ball a little sooner...he is a solid tackler...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Would be nice to see him pick up where he left off. Word is that Ed Reed really took him under his wing. Wouldn't be opposed to bringing old Ed back for another year or at least giving him a shot in camp. I know he took playing time away from Allen but I think all the youngins on D could benefit from a guy like him.
    Can we have Ed work with Kyle Wilson

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMagicRat View Post
    Fair enough. But look at this article below. Milliner was clearly learning stuff from Reed. Can't find an article where he praises Tim McDonald.

    Ed Reed did not practice on Thursday but that doesn’t mean he had the day off. After all, he still needs to hold down a seat next to Dee Milliner.

    Since the arrival of Reed four weeks ago, Milliner has had a steady spot next to Reed in film study, where the future Hall of Fame safety and the rookie cornerback can whisper back and forth to each other. But they’re not goofing off; rather it is Reed trying to help the first-round pick through the ups and many downs of his assimilation into the NFL.

    Milliner said both he and Reed understood there was a mentorship in place almost from the onset of his arrival at the Jets facility.

    “When we’re in the film [session], everything he looks at, he sees, he tells me,” Milliner said. “It’s just whatever he sees, things that can help me out in a game, he tells me.”

    Despite being held back from practice on Thursday, something Reed and head coach Rex Ryan explained is to help keep the veteran safety fresh for Sunday, Reed was still on the field mentoring Milliner and the rest of the secondary. In addition, he still attended film study.

    “When he first got here, that was somebody I looked up to, one of the best safeties in the game,” Milliner said. “I knew that when I be around him, he’s going to help me out and turn me into a good player. I just try to get around him and do the best I can to listen to him and take in everything he has to offer. He always try to put me wherever he’s at next to him so I can try to learn things from him.”
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    perhaps this year he'll learn how to turn around, not get lost in space, catch the ball, and tackle.

    we'll see.


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