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Thread: Update Depth Chart

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    Update Depth Chart

    (3)QB - Geno, Vick, Simms/Boyd*
    (3)HB - Johnson, Ivory, Powell
    (1)FB - Tommy Bohanan
    (6)WR - Decker, Nelson, Kerley, Hill, Saunders, Evans*
    (3)TE - Amaro, Cumberland, Sudfeld
    (3)OT- Ferguson, Giacomini, Aboushi
    (4)OG- Winters, Colon, Dozier, Campbell
    (1)C - Mangold
    (3)DE - Wilkerson, Richardson, Douzable
    (2)NT - Harrison, Ellis
    (4)ILB - Harris, Davis, Bellore, George
    (5)OLB - Coples, Pace, Barnes, McIntyre, Enemkpali
    (5)CB - Milliner, Walls, Patterson, Wilson, McDougle
    (5)S - Pryor, Allen, Landry, Jarrett, Bush
    (2)P/K - Folk, Quigley

    That's 50 players. The foundation of the team IMO. Let me know if I missed anyone.. The way it looks right now I can see another DL or two making the final cut for depth and knowing Rex, another DB...

    '*' = TC competition for final spot. I chose Evans as the 6th WR to simplify things. It's obviously the best player plays. This is just my honest opinion at the moment.

    What do you think? How would you rate it? IMO we actually have a good/solid foundation.. We are now set up for success moving forward... I love Idzik
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    Good start. A few thoughts...

    1. We need a backup Center.
    2. I'm not sure we'd keep 6 WRs and only 5 Defensive linemen, probably the other way around.
    3. I think we'll go with 4 Safeties rather than 5 but we might stretch to 6 CBs with Lankster.
    4. Some key names you're missing which I think still have a shot....Goodson (we didn't draft any RBs), Lankster (a Rex favorite and good ST player).

    I think the PS will include Enunwa, Reilly and maybe even Boyd if the Jets want to keep Simms as the #3 QB.

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    Where's Ford (WR)?

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    Also, from a pure "offensive weapons" standpoint boy, did we upgrade these past two months! When I say weapons I think of three characteristics....

    1. Speed and quickness
    2. Size or physicality to get open or break tackles
    3. Skill, hands, technique

    We could have the following guys in the mix on offense and on the field at the same time...

    WR - Decker, Hill
    WR - Evans, Nelson
    Slot WR - Kerley/Saunders
    TE - Amaro, Cumberland
    RB - Chris Johnson, Ivory

    With CJ catching passes out of the backfield, Amaro a true "hands guy" and reliable WRs like Decker and possibly Evans I think we're really set up well to give MM tons of options!

    Mixing and matching those guys could put a "Size" package on the field with Decker, Amaro, Evans/Hill or a "Speed" package with CJ, Kerley, Saunders and Evans.

    I just see lots of options.


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