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Thread: Cimini: A healthy CJ2K changes everything for Jets

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    The difference is that we have guys that can get open quickly, and Geno learning how, and when to run.
    Having a RB that can run, and catch screens, a QB that can throw them, and also choose to take off running will make the Oline's job a lot easier.
    That's huge. A big reason why our offense has been putrid the last 2 years is we didn't have a running back who could be that safety valve for the qb and catch and run in the flats. Powell and Ivory are decent north-south runners but they can't catch. Johnson can.

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    I think that BP can catch pretty good. CJ2K is just more explosive when he has the rock in his hands. He can break one at anytime. It has been a long time since the Jets had this kind of speed in the backfield

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