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Thread: Most Slammable 80's Singer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big L View Post
    That Saints cheerleader must have been something in the 80's.

    The 1880's.

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    BTW Pat Bentar, Mariah Carey, Debby Gibson, Joan Jett, Taylor Dane and Ashanti all grew up in a very narrow radious of each other in Long Island NY

    Right now.Pat Bentrar sill lives in Rocville Centre and Alishia who sang Al Night Dancing in 1980s lives nearby.

    Patty Smyth of Scandal was hot in the 1980s From Brooklyn but she looks like a hag now.

    Kinda funny in 1980s nearly every Amerian Female Pop star was from Long Island and all lived on South Shore of Nassau County in pretty much a ten mile stretch. Must have been the water


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