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    Just joined

    Hey all,
    Bigtime Jets fan since 1969 when I was 7. I've pretty much watched every game since including the heidi game, A.J. Duhe in the mud, Marino's fake, etc. There really wasn't a lot of good memories back then. We really have a much better team now than we've had in a very long time and I thought it might be time for me to read what's written and maybe write something myself. I'm not a football expert but i'm one step below. Many of you know a lot more than I do so I hope I can keep up. I don't think we can beat New England this year but i'm pretty sure we will in 2015. There's a lot to look forward to.

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chesapeakejet View Post
    Welcome aboard!

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    Hello everybody. 52-year old Jets' fan since 1968--actually remember Super Bowl III. Family had STs from mid-70s to the PSL shake-down. Looking forward to discussing the Jets with fellow sufferers.


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