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Thread: LeGarrette Blount arrested for pot posession

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    Whether it should be legal is not in question. It is not now and it will never be legal to get high and drive just like you can't drink and drive and in this case - smoking while driving! I don't know why I do, but I am continually amazed at the stupidity of some people that play football. You would think that the possibility of losing 4 game checks would be sufficient inducement not to fire up. Never mind driving around town in pubic. Their mothers must be pulling their hair out.

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    Obviously, he's not a Pat any more because no one got shot and the evidence wasn't shredded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fnordcircle View Post
    It's a stupid law but it's equally stupid to risk millions over something you can go do legally in CO or WA in 5 years when you're out of the league.
    since when is it legal to drive under the influence?...


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