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Thread: Predict Francesa tomorrow

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    Predict Francesa tomorrow

    "Can Ivory actually get to the endzone befaw he starts celebrating! He's dancing around at da fawty yardline...dey almost caught him!"

    "Rex is jumping into Mawninwegs arms after that touchdown...settle down Rex. It's week 1 and you barely beat da Raiders"

    "Jets were undisciplined, sloppy...Geno still holds the ball like a loaf-a-bread"

    smirks "Jets went ahead and did their dopey white out...classy franchises like the Giants don't do that"

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    He will talk about Jeter for the first two hours, then discus the usc situation with haden, then the rest of the nfl and preview the Giants game.

    He'll give the Jets five minutes because it was a gimme game.

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    Probably 3 hours of Jeter.

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