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Thread: Saddam possibly dead?

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    Can it be true? Apparently we've dropped bunker busters on what apparently was a building where Saddam and 2 of his sons were having a meeting. Not sure if I'll believe he's dead unless they have his body or atleast a part of it, like his head on a stick. Sorry would of posted this on a political thread but there is none.

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    This may turn out to be a hell of a day for the coalition. Possible chemical weapons and the Saddam clan. :D

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    A 2000 lb. bomb can ruin your whole day. Five of them can ruin your entire week.

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

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    I hope that the piece of crap and his sons are dead so that the US, its Allies and the Iraqi people can move on and begin to really better life over there.

    Are we at least going to see one of those MOAB's get dropped? I feel that, as a taxpayer, we deserve at least 1 MOAB video. Come on, Tommy!

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    We have a war thread, now. Please continue this there.


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