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    i know i'm going to get killed for this 1... i've hung out with plenty of former
    and current jets player.... alot of them don't like herm .....i'm wondering if thats
    why coles, morton, thomas, and hall left....obviously $$$$$ is the main reason
    but i just have a hunch there is a little more to it...

    this offseason is driving me crazy.... they really screwed up with coles...

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    If the checks cleared, they would all happily have still been Herman's Hermits. All this "respect" talk is crap. Coles prospered here after every other team wouldn't take a chance. Morton wasn't much of a player until he joined this team.

    Again-chemistry and all this happy horsplit Edwards sometimes slings are all overrated, even in as emotional a sport as football. It plays a limited role. The Jets got into the playoffs because they finally gave a real QB a chance-period. Absent that, Edwards might have been looking for work.

    Everything else is window dressing. The next losing team with great chemistry will be a first. We never hear about a coach giving a rousing speech at halftime when his team loses. And the next winning team chock full of a-holes will also be a new entry. A lot of this stuff is just hooey dreamt up by sportwriters too lazy to look at game tape. It's much easier to write about personalities than actually looking at the technical aspects of the game.

    They don't like the coach-take a friggin' ticket. So what? Results matter.

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    A percentage of the players on any team won't like the style of the coach. I don't know if that's the deal in this case. More likely, it's just about the bucks. Remember, these players are represented by very expensive attorney-agents who are masters at managing (ok, manipulating, for the more cynical among us) their clients. "Show me the money!"

    There are only X contracts to be had in pro sports. The leagues don't grow very often, and agent firms get revenue growth primarily from higher compensation for the athletes they represent.

    When in doubt, follow the money.

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    The NFL is all about the money. Rarely will you find a player that is committed to a team, city and/or coach out of respect and appreciation. It's about who can pay you what nowadays. Morton and Coles left for the money, hands down. Why else would they want to leave for a crap team when the Jets are climbing. You think Coles left because he thinks Ramsey is one hell of a way.

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    Do you have any specific reason why GiJet? Or did you dream this last night?

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    I do think that Coles left for the money, but i really don't think Morton did. If the Jets were willing to match the offer, morton still wanted to go to the Redskins for more playing time. I think it was that Coles wanted the money and Morton wanted to play more football. Thats why i feel pissed off at Coles alot more. You can't blame a player for wanting to play more.

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    I can understand players not being in love with their coach, but find it hard to believe any player could "hate" Herman Edwards. Parcells yes, Herm no.
    LC got offered a s-load of $$ -- hard to pass up. Thomas and Hall probably just left for money as well. Chad Morton probably for bucks and playing time,
    but I think we got robbed. That arbitrator sucks big time and should be investigated. I'm confident that Mike Westhoff will come through again, but it's hard losing two vital players on special teams (remember the Giants' special teams last year!)

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    What players? Who did you talk to?

    Can't make a statement without backing that up. Guys like who...? Becht? He might hate Herm, but you know what, he sucks!!!! Larry Webster? He sucks to!!!!! Ferguson? He ain't nothing special...

    Tell us who hates him.

    It ain't Penny, its ain't CuMart or CuCon, it ain't Evans, it ain't Testy, it ain't Wayne, it ain't neither of the Abrahams neither... who else even matters?


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