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Thread: let's call the NFL

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    I think we also need to call the NFL incessantly and give it to them as well. They should be pursuing legal remedies since this arbitration was fraudulent. If this was a case in court it would easily be overturned because of conflict of interest

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    Knock yourself out chillster, they won't listen to us.......I'm sure the Jets had their lawyers all over this and it appears there is nothing that can be done.........

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    Bottom line... Bye-bye Mortimer. What's Jo-Jo doing?

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    YEA LETS CALL THE NFL ,CAUSE THEY`VE BEEN SO HELPFUL TO US SO FAR THIS YEAR,Lets have a guy with redskin season tickets make this call,At this point when they get done revueing the coles incident we`ll probobly end up giving them their 1st rounder back plus our first rounder.


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