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    Jets Team Report
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    OLB Mo Lewis, recovering from arthroscopic hip surgery, will miss the summer minicamps and won't be able to run full speed until June.

    The good news is that at 33, he could use the time off to keep his legs fresh for training camp. The bad news is he will be behind in his conditioning, and that could result in a slow start.

    Though Lewis is coming off a down year, he can still be productive. Chances are the team will select his eventual replacement in the draft.


    The Jets, known primarily as a zone team, are hoping to play more man-to-man in the upcoming season. Coordinator Ted Cottrell is studying AFC East opponents, trying to create new pressure packages against certain formations.

    CBs Donnie Abraham and Aaron Beasley aren't pure cover corners, but it's a good idea to integrate more man-to-man schemes as a change of pace.

    The players want to play less zone because they believe doing so brings out their aggressiveness.

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    Oh man, thats bad news about Moe. I was all for a defensive tackle at 13, but if Moe won't be ready by the beginning of the season maybe Boss Baily will be the right pick at #13.


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