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    i cant get mine up, when i upload it, it always says that it failed......why?

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    Make sure you adjust the size. The picture has to be a maximum of 128x128. try typing that into the size box.

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    I have the same problem. I got round it by uploading it to my free webspace, but its only a matter of time before I exceed my allotted bandwith. It shows up here, so, I should be able to upload, but it didn't. Anybody know why?

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    This is the way i got my avatar picture.
    I found a picture that was a jpeg file
    Then i right clicked on the picture, and clicked on "properties"
    Under properties you see the url code
    highlight the url code ([url]http://www.etc[/url])
    then right click the highlighted code and press "copy"
    go to the avatar screen
    paste the url in the correct box (not the one that has the browse button)
    Go to the size window and make sure it is set to 128x128
    you should be all set

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    thanks guys, ill try using a URL

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    is mine visible?

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    url only way to work for me.

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    Does it make any difference if the avatar you want to post is not on the web but a saved file?

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    Jesper - you couldn't upload yours because the file is too big. They can be a max of 20 kb, and your tank is 71 kb. Animated gifs are always big, because they're really about 4 pics built into one.

    I suspect file size is the problem some of the rest of you are having, too.

    Try resizing the pic BEFORE you upload it. Make the longest side 128 pixels and save it that way (give it a different name if you don't want to lose your original). High resolution can make a file big, too.

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    I just love this pic!

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    Thanks for the info, Bob. Guess it means I won't be uploading the other animation I was working on. Frying Fish anyone?.


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