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Thread: Bradway will be busy on draft day

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    I have to believe Bradway will be pretty active. With all the criticism he 's taken from the fans and the media he's going to be looking to wheel and deal. With nine picks at his disposal I think he'll be pretty aggressive going after the players the organization has targeted.

    I don't think he'll take a receiver under any circumstances to avoid the Coles comparison. I think he'll be hell bent to avoid the argument that the Jets essentially traded one proven receiver for one unproven receiver. Obviously, there are other issues involved but on the surface he would be judged on the premise that he "allowed" Coles to leave and drafted ( an unknown entity) to replace him.

    He'll stick with D in the first round and hopefully in the second round as well ( DT, DE/DT, DT/LB).

    Mr. Bradway find us three more guys who can get in the quarterbacks face !!! I keep stressing the fact that we had only 30 sacks last year ( 5th worst in the NFL) and 7 forced fumbles ( 3rd worst in the NFL). That tells me we're not making life miserable enough for opposing QB's.

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    i trust that the front office has scouted well ,so i hope we use these picks well.

    im all for defense in round 1.


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