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    How did you post our pic? I just saw my girlfriends that were there on the coors site..the 1st row 4th pic on top right...lisa an victoria...I want to send it to them but can't copy. Thanks

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    Could always send some pictures of Vicky to me!

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    Hey Bren, just e-mail them the link that is on the address bar on your 'puter after U click on the pic!

    We have to touch base soon re: Draft Pick Party. I'm getting all the 411 for ESPN Zone and Poor Billy's. I called MSG and the Draft will be held Saturday, April 26th at the Garden Theatre. The box office for Free tickets open at 9 a.m. and the draft starts at Noon.

    I'm trying to figure out what everyone wants to do. I am going to see my Uncle tomorrow regarding JETDAWG'S limo and where his driver is now. :lol:
    A couple of my off-line gals pals want to come (also Jet fans) and were all kicking in about $45 a piece for the ride. The kick may be less depending upon how many people want to join us! It's always well worth the money for an optimum party experience.

    I know U mentioned U have to split early for PA, but if we get the limo early enough I'm thinking pick up everybody (we'll make Poor Billy's the Jersey pick up spot - U guys just kick in $25 each or maybe less depending) shoot into the city, check out the Garden, jump back in the limo - check out ESPN Zone and then swing back to Poor Billy's. B)

    Any other Jet fans in Bklyn, SI, Jersey and NYC that want to join us R more than welcome too! B)


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