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Thread: Anre Woolfolk made for the cover 2

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    Big corner....Great in zone coverage, loves to hit. I hope he is still available in the 3rd.

    Doers anyone know if he is related to Butch?

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    In the 3rd? He won't be available to the Jets in the 2nd! In fact, he may not get passed the first round! No way he'll be available to the Jets after #22.

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    1) ANdre Woolflok does NOT "love to hit." He is a superb athlete, but not physical by any means.

    2) Andre Woolfolk is NOT "great in zone coverage." He is a converted WR who lacks any fundamentals of coverage. If you play him in his first year, you have to let him go man-to-man because the principles of zone will not be there for him yet.

    3) Woolfolk will be a late 1st rder at the latest.

    Who are you? Pete Prisco?

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    He will NOT be a 1st rounder. No way in hell!!! Newman, Trufant and Polamalu will all go before him AND no way 4 db's go in the 1st round.

    It is wishfull thinking on my part that he will drop to the 3rd. I said "I HOPE". I agree that he will probably go in round 2.

    AND TOM, Did you ever see him play?? Anyone that says Woolfolk does not like to hit, obviously didn't see him play much. Maybe he does not have great tackling technique, but he is very physical.


    He does have the POTENTIAL to be a very good cover 2 db.

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    the one thing that might make the JETS and Andre a fit is Herman's ability to coach the position - Andre is fresh clay to mold

    he might drop farther than people realize - its not that out of the realm of possibility that he's there in round 2...

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    No way Woolfolk makes it out of the 1st. Big time plays from a converted WR. Did you see the Texas game? Man 2 man on Roy Williams, shut him down. Gone before rd 2. <_<


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