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Thread: ESPN Insider Article on Jets.

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    I disagree. Really, who wants to punt a ball to Moss? That is special teams. We still have some solid special teams tacklers, and the man who orchestrates the show is the best in the biz. KR will be replaced. Dude, step back from the ledge. Long way to go before Sept. 4.

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    You are right about opposing teams not wanting to punt the ball to Moss. But, when he does not get to return it, we gain no yards. Offense comes out and defenses will know Martin is getting the ball. Now, you put 8 men in front and dare Pennington to throw it to Conway, Moss, or Chrebet. These are 3 number 2 and 3 WR's. We need a number 1 with height and speed. AJ or Rogers are these types. But, like I said before, if the geniuses in the front office want to go D with the 2 1st rounders, then they should go after Bryant Johnson in the 2nd round.

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    :o Hey I know if we took Joseph at 13 and a Washington at 22 and pick up McDonald and let him play middle we'd be fine!

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    Originally posted by Ruckis@Apr 11 2003, 07:05 PM
    Defense wins championships but even Montana couldn't win with out weapons. (KC)
    We need Johnson, Washington, or Calico in this draft or our defense better learn how to score too!
    Actually scoring more points then your opponent in the SuperBowl wins Championships.


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