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Thread: You 've got questions, I've got answers.

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    With good cap room available Jets should sign back up veterans at OT, S , FB. After June 1st teams with cap room hold the hammer. Cap casualties will be scrambling for jobs. Bradway's patience will pay off.

    Draft 1A- Bailey - adds youth and speed. Special teams demon and excellent in coverage and off the corner on blitzes. A flexible weapon for both Cotrell and Westoff.

    1B -Best available DT - Ferguson could become a cap casualty after this season and Evans is one bad decision from being suspended. Need 4 DT for their rotation.

    2- Best available DE - Yes I know we have 3 DE's. They totaled 14 sacks last year. Keep picking DE's until we get it right. Ellis is average and Thomas is a ?

    3- Best available LB - Mo and Marvin are on thier last legs. Time to think about the future.

    4- Best available WR

    5- Best available CB

    5- Best available OT

    6- Best available OG

    7- Best available OT

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    Great idea in concept, I just don't know if we can wait till the 4th round to draft a wide reciever.


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