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    I'd hate to take a safety first round with so many available. I like Polomalu but there's still Doss, Battle, and Mathis. All who can possibly be had in the second round.

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    Doesn't matter LOCKE if we get Andre Johnson and he puts up ridiculous numbers Bradway is not going to pay him when his rookie contract is up.

    If he wanted lets say a 8 mil signing bonus and 45 mil for say 7yrs....even after he caught say on average 90 catches for 1400 yrds Bradway would say.....nope I'm gonna give you 6 mil signing bonus for 35 test the market.

    The cycle will continue.....Jets will never be able to keep a star WR get with it. Bradway is a bargain basement kind of guy it seems, look at what his KC teams did. Yes on average they were a playoff team or close year after year but never won a championship. Although I don't mind being in the "hunt" I want to win 1 in my lifetime. and I've only been a Jets fan for 22 yrs (I'm 27) so I can imagine what the older guys think.

    We were so close last year.....I just want to win one....

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    I have to say i'm a little shocked that no one at all agreed with the premise of this post. I respect that view though. The only player that we lost this off season that was a devistating blow that really hurt me is levernaus Coles. If we could just replace him with a great wideout then we would be right back where we started from last year. Of course there is no gaurantees that a player will be worth 2 #1's but sometimes you have to take a chance. I would like to maybe see Kelly washington but i wouldn't hesitate at all to move up if Andre Johnson dropped to about pick #6 if we only had to give up 1 first rounder. I really think with a great receiver we will be fine. If the Jets only lost John Hall, Randy Thomas, and Chad Morton this offseason, i don't think nearly as many people would be feeling we had such a horrible offseason, and many would still have very high hopes for the near future.

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    finally someone sees the light!!!


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