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Thread: Already Have 22 starters for 2003

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    With 22 starters in place including a punter and a kicker. What can the Jets improve on though the draft?
    Although they have 22 starters in place for next year, they have little depth whichwill allow them to draft the highest player on their board regardless of position. One could argue that they could even trade down to stock pile additional picks

    1. DT - Need a Inside presence to collapse pocket and disrupt the running game. Pick 13 or Pick 22.
    2. OLB - Cover/Speed LB to replace Mo Lewis in 2004. Situational player (nickel, dime packages). Boss Baily is a possibility, but injury concerns may keep the Jets away. 2nd and 3rd round
    3. ILB - Jets need much needed depth to replace a LB that is getting long in the tooth. 4th / 5th round
    4. WR - Need a No 4 & No 5 Receiver. Big Target is preferred (rd 3 or rd 4). No 5 Wr / Kick Return (round 5 -round 7- specialist.
    5. OT - Chris Smith is your only other Tackle. round 5 - round 7
    6. S - Could for safety at no 22, but most likely in round 2 or 3.
    7. DE - If Ellis or Abraham go down, Ouch! I think their could be value at no 22, but they may just sign a verteran and hope Thomas can contribute.
    8. FB - Jerald Sowell will be ok, but need additional depth.
    9. OG - Szott and Nutten are veterans. Not much left after them.
    10. CB - Can never have enough good corners.
    11. P,K Someone to Compete with the slop the Jets brought in.

    9 picks go a long way, plus June 1 salary cap casualties. In a draft that is week in lb's. I would prefer to sign a free agent or two to plug a few holes. No need tor reach on Players. 2004 should have some pretty good lb's comming out.

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    You forgot young QB to groom as Chad's backu pb/c VT is gone after this year.

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    With Sowell and Bennett penciled in as the FB's.

    Martin and The Jordan, The HB's.

    The Jets could draft a third HB who returns kicks. Domanick Davis from LSU perhaps.


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