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Thread: Jets 3rd round pick......huh?

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    Well, after all the hemmin' and hawwin',....

    here he is....

    Bobby DeAngelo "B.J." Askew
    Position: Running Back/Fullback
    College: Michigan
    Height: 6-2
    Weight: 241
    Hometown: Colerain, Ohio

    Positives: Tall, high-cut athlete with broad shoulders and good muscle development Powerful inside runner who has the foot speed, agility and balance to pick and slide through the inside holes Extends his hands properly, catching away from the body framework Shows good leg strength and the short-area quickness to get through the small seams Bounces off tackles well and has the power to carry tacklers on his back Natural receiver with good vision who is especially effective on screens and flat routes Normal strider with above-average acceleration and burst Has a smooth running stride in the open and can pull through arm tackles Shows a knack for bouncing off and around the pile to find the goal line.

    Negatives: Between-the-tackles type who is strictly a north-south runner, lacking the juking moves needed to make defenders miss at the second level Lacks consistency as a blocker and does not seem to like facing up to defenders Does not show sudden explosion through the holes, relying more on his power than elusiveness Needs to be more aggressive as a blocker Is a bit narrow-based at times, which causes him to stumble when trying to make sharp cuts Gets strung out a bit trying to turn the corner, as he needs to drop his pads in order to get better movement While he has natural hands, he is used mostly in swings and screens, as he does not get much separation after the catch Has a slashing running style with some shiftiness in his hips, but just adequate stop-and-go quickness when trying to elude Has a little tightness in his hips and needs to improve on getting his shoulders square Hits the line of scrimmage too high in his stance, resulting in him leaving his feet some, preventing him from getting consistent movement in short-yardage situations.

    Ummm Mr. Bradway? Care to explain this?

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    Nice fullback.. no explanation needed.

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    This guy doesn't even block well as a fullback. I hope Bradway knows something we don't Angry

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    Aec4, actually there just might be one needed,....

    "Lacks consistency as a blocker and does not seem to like facing up to defenders....Needs to be more aggressive as a blocker"

    I don't know,......All I'm saying is that I kinda like my fullbacks
    looking FOR guys to hit, not shying away from them.

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    Look at the sentence that says he catches screen passes and flat out routes well, it's an obvious replacement for Ritchie Anderson.


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