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Thread: Mike Tyson

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    Whah Whah Whah and BooHoo

    Tyson didn't have a father-figure, it was Robin's fault, Desiree led him on...ever hear the expression excuses are like buttholes?

    This is a guy who bragged about how he liked hurting women. He forgets some woman gave birth to his sorry-ass.

    He's a millionaire who can afford all the mental help he needs, whatever he wants... then he goes and bites the guy's ear in a professional boxing match, what a sociopath degenerate.
    The only reason he's not locked up in a mental institution is because of his millions.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Mean Bro Green[/i]@May 29 2003, 03:28 PM
    [b] I believe Kevin rooney did work with D'Mato and stayed with Mike after his death and Teddy Atlas came in after that as well, Teddy was the one that wouldn't take Mike's BS and stood up to him, when he got rid of those guys he surrounded himself with yes men and nobody kept him in check [/b][/quote]
    Actually, Kevin came AFTER Teddy

    Kevin Rooney and Teddy Atlas both worked with Cus.

    Initially, Atlas ran the gym for Cus as he grew older ... they were almost like partners, but Cus always had the final say.

    Teddy & Mike always had a rocky relationship ... mostly over issues of violence and/or misbehavior at school ... Teddy wanted to suspend his gym activities until he learned a lesson, picked up his grades, and stopped acting like a thug.

    But Mike always had Cus {who was a great and decent man} bull$hitted ... basically acting civilized whenever Cus was around, so it was difficult for Cus to believe he was really a BAD KID

    When Tyson tried to make a play for Teddy's 12 or 13 year old neice {yep, he was a friggin degenerate even back then, don't kid yourself}, that was the last straw. Teddy put a loaded pistol to his head and told Mike that if he ever goes near a member of his family again, he {Teddy} would blow his head off. Then Teddy pretty much told Mike, if you doubt me say it right now?

    Mike, knowing Teddy, was smart enough to know that Teddy wasn't bull$hittin ... that Teddy would in-fact blow his head off, and all Mike needed to do was say that he doubted him, and the last sound Mike would have heard on this earth would have been the CLICK

    Teddy is not a thug {far from it}, but he is a man of honor ... and most certainly a man that would lay down his life to protect his family and loved ones ... so if it meant doing life in prison or even getting the chair, Teddy would have ended it for Mike ON THE SPOT if he didn't get the message.

    But again, Mike knew Teddy well enough to know that ... so he just broke down in tears and swore he would never do it again.

    After the incident Mike ran to Cus and told him that Teddy put a gun to his head. Cus and Teddy had a huge falling out over the incident, Teddy packed his stuff and left, ENTER KEVIN ROONEY

    Kevin had faught pro for Cus {was actually 31-0 when he lost to the great Alexis Arguello in a title fight}, and then became a trainer for him ... sort of Teddy's cheif assistant.

    But when Teddy left, Kevin was promoted to head trainer and the man who ran the gym in the Catskills ... and that's how he became Mike's trainer.

    And you folks know the rest of the story .....

    Anyway, for whatever it's worth, I knew Cus very well. My father, uncle, and many of my fathers friends faught for Cus back in the day ... they were all from the lower east side, where Cus ran the Gramecey Gym in those days.

    Till the day he died, they all remained close to Cus ... he was like a father to them {including my dad}.

    Many of these kids were of the "troubled youth" variety as well ... and Cus basically saved them from lives of crime and poverty by teaching them the value of discipline and hard work, lessons which they carried throughout the rest of their lives.

    Anyhow, as some of you folks know, I did some amatuer boxing as a youngster ... often Cus would teach me things whenever we visited him in the Catskills.

    Most of what he would teach I had already learned from my dad, who was weened on the Cus D'Amato style which folks in the fight game labled "Peek-a-Boo" ... but there was nothing like learning from THE SAGE himself {which is what the folks in the fight game always called Cus ... THE SAGE}

    And that's why I have known about Mike since he was a kid. I would often tell my friends, when no-one ever heard of Mike Tyson, that Cus D'Amato has a young fighter who he swears will be HEAVEYWEIGHT CHAMP {which he did from the beginning}, and Cus doesn't BS about boxing {which is his life}. I would conclude, if Cus says this kid Mike Tyson is going to be HW CHAMP, don't bet against him. ;)

    But alas, Teddy had it right from the beginning. Tyson was a thug lacking in character, and that would eventually be his undoing.

    PS. Before Mike Tyson came to know Cus, he was a mugger ... but not just any old mugger ... he would mug OLD LADIES and beat them senseless, even if he had the money and there was no reason whatsoever to lay a finger on them. {as if there is ever a reason for such cowardice behavior!!}

    So don't lose any sleep over whether or not Mike raped that girl ... trust me, he got away with even more brutal crimes than that, so in the end he got what was coming to him all along ... a lengthly jail term.

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    I went to college with Ms. Washington.

    She was out for the $$$$$$ chin-chang!!

    Not defending Tyson whatsoever!!

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by WestCoastMole[/i]@May 29 2003, 03:29 PM
    [b] This is a direct fallout of Tyson growing up without a father. He was not given guidance how how to deal with women something only a man can do. [/b][/quote]
    My father grew up on the streets of the lower east side ... never knew his father and his mother had no use for him.

    Yet he never laid his hands on a woman in his life {in fact, I never even heard him raise his voice to my mom}, and raised me to believe that only a COWARD beats women.

    In many ways my dad appreciated, even more than others, being a part of a FAMILY ... cause he didn't have that as a kid.

    Anyway, point being ... NO EXCUSES, Mike CHOSE to be a thug ... he could have just as easily CHOSEN to be a REAL MAN

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    Mike Tyson is nuts....I want to eat his children and family

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    [color=green][SIZE=3]DON'T FU*K WITH GJ&H!![/color][/SIZE]

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by JonEJet[/i]@May 31 2003, 04:47 PM
    [b] [color=green][SIZE=3]DON'T FU*K WITH GJ&H!![/color][/SIZE] [/b][/quote]
    LOL!! :lol:


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