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    I was supposed to finish off Jetlag but he's not around. Anyone want to go?

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    Here I am. I'm ready to do this.

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    Alright see ya there. I'm going now.

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    I would play but I started 8 games today. All 8 times, the other guy quit at halftime. I was winning each time. The guys I played were:

    Vinny 017
    Vinny 018
    Vinny 019
    Vinny 020
    Vinny 021
    Vinny 022
    Vinny 023
    Vinny 024

    Not sure if this is the same person or not.

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    Jetlag, 99 yard td pass and 55 yard field goal, haven't seen that in a while. Good game, I'm a first half player only.

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    Good game, I'm just in the zone today though. You ever want some redemption feel free to ask.

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    any late owls? ps - Jetlag you are in the zone today did you actually go 5-0?


    ps- check the new Glenn standings - there is a serious run on - two regular season games left and 4 teams basically tied for the last two playoff spots

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    No I went 4-0 today. I'm down for a late night game.

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    So Bitonti, what's the deal with this game?

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    meet you there...

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    alright im going, see you there.


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