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Thread: 2 more Months

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    I seriously think if i have to wait another week without seeing an NFL game on cbs or on fox(or whatever stations they show them in in NY) im gunna explode. This offseason has been so long, i can't wait till august for preseason to start. Man, what i would do for a time machine. just imagaine going to sleep knowing tomorrow that your team is going to be on Tv, and that you get to just sit on ur couch (or stand up and scream at the TV) and watch the game. Watchin football (if its not the raiders) is a type of yoga for me, so relaxing and i love just sitting there and watching the game.

    Sorry for this rant, just wanted to get this all out, im going to sleep now , i figure the earlier u go to sleep the sooner the season comes! :D

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    It might as well be football season here in NY, it's friggin' cold for May and June! Another month of this weather and I'm gonna take out the pumpkin decorations.

    Aaahh falling leaves, harvest, Halloween, football and beer...heaven!

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    I gotta agree with you R.Tyme - this rainy-a&#036;&#036; weather sucks, might as well be the fall and football season <_<


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