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Thread: 2003 NFL draft isn't over yet......

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    The 2003 NFL Supplemental draft is July 10th, and for a change, there are at least a few players the [color=green]New York Jets[/color] and the 31 teams will strongly have to consider.

    [b]Tony Hollings[/b]: A RB from Georgia Tech is getting a lot of attention, and is almost a lock to be drafted by some team in the NFL next Thursday. Hollings, a converted DB, led the NCAA in rushing last season, until a devasting knee injury knocked him out for the season. Now, with the knee almost healed, Hollings has caught the attention of a large number of NFL teams. The Dallas Cowboys, Patriots and Tampa Bay are said to be at the front of the line looking at him......He recently had a very strong NFL workout in Atlanta recently....[b]Round?[/b] Opinions very tremendously on where Hollings could go (no one figures earlier than round 3), but 4th to 5th round seems likely.

    [b]Brad Pyatt[/b]: I can remember tuning into Kentucky football a few years back and seeing the announcers pump Pyatt, who has track star speed (4.3 :blink: )......Anyhow, Pyatt, who had some off-field issues, just disappeared from UK and went to D-1AA power Northern Colorado......He's got nice size and can return punts and kicks with his explosiveness (bulkier version of Tim Dwight?).....[b]Round?[/b] Despite the terrific size and speed, Pyatt has never really been [b][i]real productive[/i][/b] on the field. He could slip into the 7th round due to his great physical gifts. If he's not picked, he'll likely be offered a free agent deal by the majority teams in the NFL.

    [b]Noah Happe[/b]: This player is a real unique talent: He's got terrific size, speed, vertical leap and put up some nice numbers at Oregon State. Despite all the prowess, he doesn't really have a position--which will hurt him. He plays DE in college, but weighs only 233 pounds. He has played some OLB, so he could project as edge-rushing OLB in the 3-4 scheme...... He appears to be a [b]Bryce Paup[/b] type player, so, if he can add 25 or 30 pounds, he could be a nice pickup......22 years old, and an excellent longsnapper......[b]Round?[/b]: Any team, Jets included, should seriously consider him at the end of the supp. draft. Just too good an athlete, who, if all else fails, could turn into a top longsnapper.

    [b]Brad Pyatt[/b][img][/img]

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    If they think Happe can play OLB in the 4-3, the Jets should give him a shot.

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    The JETS should take a chance on Pyatt. Could develop into a nice reciever.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Green Jets & Ham[/i]@Jul 2 2003, 08:32 PM
    [b] If they think Happe can play OLB in the 4-3, the Jets should give him a shot. [/b][/quote]
    That's a good question GJ&H, and one I really can't answer. I seems he'd be best suited towards to 3-4, due to his rush skills. However, reading his bio, he seems athletic enough to play any LB's position in the PAC-10.....Can he in the NFL?

    [quote][b][2003 OSU scouting report]--Projected Starters- Defensive end Noah Happe, Sr. - A rangy, athletic player, Happe had a huge 2002 season making 45 tackles, five sacks and 10.5 tackles for loss. He has actually lost a little weight, but that should make him even faster on the outside.[/b][/quote]

    I'm not sure why an undersized, yet very good player like this would leave college early. [b]It looks like Oregon State is going to have one of the best defense's in the NCAA this year[/b]....This hurts the Beavers, but how does it help a player like Happe? I guess getting paid could help, but an extra year in college may've helped him more in the long term.

    Jets won't touch [b]Hollings[/b], due to having Martin and Jordan......Plus teams like the Bucs, Patriots, Cowboys and others need him more.

    [b]Pyatt[/b] could be looked at, but would he be better than what the Jets have? He's got the size and speed, but is he a good enough football player?

    .....You're right, [b]Happe[/b] (pronounced [b][i]'Happy'[/i][/b]), [b][i]could[/i][/b] be the best fit for the Jets.

    [b]Happe (#91) Goes in on Boller[/b][img][/img]

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    Riggins, with the age we have at LB ... I would think Bradway will definitely take out a feeler on Happe if he can be had in the round TB feels he merits a look.

    Great Info, Riggo ... it will be interesting to see where this player goes.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Green Jets & Ham[/i]@Jul 2 2003, 09:09 PM
    [b] Riggins, with the age we have at LB ... I would think Bradway will definitely take out a feeler on Happe if he can be had in the round TB feels he merits a look.

    Great Info, Riggo ... it will be interesting to see where this player goes. [/b][/quote]
    Thanks [b]GJ&H[/b].....The Supp. draft, I'm sure you recall, was huge in the 1980's and early 1990's*, but has really been flat for the longest time now. Hollings will go the highest, but a few more do deserve looks......

    I think [b]Bradway[/b] and [b]Herm[/b] will look at [b]Happe[/b], perhaps, the closest. Like you said, whether he can play OLB in the 4-3 will be the key. Still, that longsnapping skill Happe has is a nice fallback for him.....It will be interesting to see how this plays out next week, as the Jets do need some younger players at LB.....

    Bucs may need [b]Hollings[/b] if [b]Pittman[/b] goes to jail, but will Parcells grab him first?

    *Bernie Kosar, Cris Carter, Brain Bosworth, Steve Walsh, Tim Rosenbach, Rob Moore (Jets) and Dave Brown......


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    It's been a while since someone from the supplemental was taken and made it. I think the Jets will pass. There's no one outstanding in this group. I have my questions with underweight (233 lbs) lineman who convert to L/B.

    233 pound long snapper???

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    Great info Riggins. You are always on the ball when it comes to this stuff.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by YoungJetsFan[/i]@Jul 3 2003, 05:12 PM
    [b] Great info Riggins. You are always on the ball when it comes to this stuff. [/b][/quote]
    Thanx, [b]YJF[/b]. Needless to say, you write a good deal of excellent stuff also. I think that's what makes this site so good: Diverse, quality opinions from a number of fans from different regions of the country with different team loyalties.

    By the way, I'd like to add in this bit regarding the [b]Supplemental draft[/b]: Any player drafted next week would have to go into the 2003 [b][i]"rookie pool"[/i][/b] salary wise. Therefore, some teams may shy away from drafting any players if they have issues with their [b][i]"rookie cap"[/i][/b].

    This could effect the Jets, as they had a full compliment of draftpicks, and signed over 20 college free agents :unsure:

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    A total of 23 teams sent reps to the Hollings workout, including the Bucs (who may lose Pittman) and Pack, as well as the usual suspects, (rb poor teams such as Dallas and NE).

    Hollings is coming out now because he became academically ineligible to play next year at Georgia Tech. The question comes to mind why he didn't declare for the 02 draft last winter, knowing he was in academic distress, especially since it was a notoriously lean running back year..

    Turns out Hollings is a a converted defensive back who had only played at tail for a handful of games before tearing his acl in week four of the 2002 season.

    Not being a Willis McGahee, it made no sense to declare in 2002.

    Amazing, really, a glorified db who had just a handful of (albeit, amazing) games last year in a new position, then tears his acl, then flunks out of eligibility, gets so much attention from 23 teams. He wasn't even able to run the 40 in that workout last week, just did some agility drills.

    Good luck to him, but 23 NFL teams look desperate for a decent runner.

    Nice to have two of 'em here.

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    First thing. It appears that Parcells is ready to go to battle with Troy Hambrick as his starter at running back. It looking more and more likely that Hollings will wind up in Tampa.

    I say the Jets will pass on this group. The problem is you have to give up regular draft picks if you take players in the supplemental. Next year's draft looks like one of the best crops to come along in a long time. With solid players into the 4th round. Do you really want to be forking over picks ?

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    [b]WCW[/b], you make some salient points. However, if the Jets like one of these players now, why not use a later round selection on one of them this week?

    As far as losing a pick next year, most teams will get get compensatory picks in addition to their 7 allocated picks. With the Jets losing so many players to Washington alone in free agency, I'd guess they will get a few extra picks anyway, which would soften the blow of losing a selection in the Supp. draft.

    I agree with [b]GJ&H[/b]: The Jets, and all the teams, should closely look at the Longsnapper/ DE/OLB in the later rounds (7th round?). How often do you see a first team All PAC-10 caliber player that has NFL snapping ability? Most snappers are useless TE's or washed-up centers.

    The player in question--[b]Noah Happe[/b]-- will workout for NFL teams on Monday. On defense, he is said to be ideal for the 3-4 as an OLB......By the way--hint, hint-- the [color=blue]Patriots[/color] use the 3-4 defense and Happe agents also happens to be the agent of Bill Belicick. Looks like a possible fit? :unsure:


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