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Thread: Terry Bradway

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    This is a thread to ask any questions you may have to NY Jets GM Terry Bradway.

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    Since the current jets roster is basically in place, at what time will Terry begin preparing to address the contract extensions of Abraham, McKenzie and Chad? In addition does what happened with Coles, place any sense of urgency of getting the likes of J Abe, Mckenzie and Chad signed before their restricted periods?

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    Questions for Terry Bradway

    Will The Jets look to sign Pennington and Abraham to extensions or is that something that will be addressed at the end of the season?

    Will The Jets look to upgrade the team's depth at offensive line at the end of camp if some young players don't pan out?

    If Teddy Cottrell had left the Jets to become head coach of The 49ers or if he takes a head coaching opportunity down the road, Will the Jets look to elevate from within the coaching staff or will they look outside the team for a defensive coordinator?

    Which team do you think has the best front office in football and which team impressed you the most with the 2003 NFL draft?

    The Jets as an organization seem to be making a huge effort to paying respect to Jet greats from the past? Will there be more promotions and tributes given to former Jet greats?

    Who do you think is the best player in football? If there was a league wide draft, who would be drafted #1?

    How many hours do you sleep during an NFL season? It must be a very stressful situation.

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    The Jets has a need at the time of the draft to pick up a WR!! Why did you choose not to use a late round pick to sign a WR?

    After losing the key guys this offseason (Thomas, Coles, ect ) most of the fans and media were calling for your head. How difficult is it for you, a GM of a team in the Greatest city in the world not to panic/ react to what all the fans are asking for??

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    Can you see yourself addressing the Jordan contract status by the end of 2003, and either lock him up for several years, or trade him for draft picks &/or players?

    If you leave him alone until he's free, he probably walks (if Curtis is still going strong) and the Jets get zippo.


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