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Thread: Raul Mondesi traded!!!!!

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    to arizona for david dellucci

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    He was traded because he left the boston game early and left the ball park...took his own flight home and showed up today in raul.

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    Raul will look back on day and regret it all. The Yankees gave him a chance to redeem himself. He blew it. This offseason when he is looking for a new deal, it might begin to sink in.

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    Mondesi just released a statement, "This is good for me".

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    Yankees just released a counter-statement: This is great for us. C-ya!!!

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    Keep telling yourself that Raul. Eventually you will start to believe it.

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    Good Riddence ... the guy has a gun for an arm, but he's nothing more than a mistake/streak hitter who whines if you even dare to sit him {or heaven forbid, pinch hit for him} verses righties.

    IMO, this is addition by subtraction ... I feel we can get more quality AB's from a platoon of Karim Garcia and Reben Sierra in RF

    Also, don't be shocked if this was a precursor to a deal for RF Brian Giles ...

    You heard it here first. ;)

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    With dellucci and garcia splitting time in right ruben is done.....

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    Brain Giles will be here in a week..this is no secret, has been in the works since the offseason... if not will be some other big name outfielder..hell maybe even Guerrero from Montreal...sounds crazy but it is baseball and money talks

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    brian giles brother marcus giles from the braves is on a tear right now... this week he had games where he was 4-4, 3-5, and 5-5

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    I don't know if Brian Giles is coming, but Mondesi showed up Toree. He violated the team rules, and was shipped out. I'm surprised at the swiftness of the deal. Less than 48 hours after he bolted from Fenway during the game, he's outta here.

    From a baseball standpoint, the Yankees lose on this deal. The talent of Mondesi is greater than what they received. We will see if Garcia and Sierra can contribute enough to make up for it. Neither has the arm Mondesi has.

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    The only way Giles is coming here is if the Yankees also take Jason Kendall. I don't see that happening.

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    This wasnt the greatest move for the Yankees...they did have to pay him about $2 million just to leave. And with Raul in RF, practically NOBODY ran to second base or beyond on a ball that was hit anywhere near him. I've never seen a guy with a canon like that for an arm. I cant believe that fat george will be content to allow Sierra, Delucci, and Karim Whatshisname to platoon in RF.

    And although Raul sucked up a storm at the plate...none of those aforementioned scrubs will fare much better. Giles? He can hit be he aint coming to NY. It seems that they made this move just to counter a move made by Boston...bad things usually happen when teams arbitrarily move players.

    By the way, it was fat george that HAD to have did that work out for him? He also had to have Giambi, Matsui, Contreras, and Weaver...hows that working out for him!!!

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Smizzy[/i]@Jul 30 2003, 01:07 AM
    [b] With dellucci and garcia splitting time in right ruben is done..... [/b][/quote]
    Delucci has had over 230 ABs in a season once. He is the 5th OF; Sierra and Garcia will play RF.... for now.

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    FIRST PLACE!!! Thats how it's working out for him.

    I like this deal not only because of the way Garcia has been hitting for the Yanks this year but last season he started for the lowly Tigers for the last 45-50 games and he hit .299 with 16 HR. Not bad for what he makes. I also like a more consistent bat from the left side in yankee stadium.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by Jet/BosoxFan[/i]@Jul 30 2003, 08:57 AM
    By the way, it was fat george that HAD to have did that work out for him? [/b][/quote]
    Mondesi was here for a little over a season. He contributed for a while, and once he got out of line, he was dealt. What would be your reaction if a Sawx player just left the team on his own. Oh wait, didnt Manny do that the day before the All-Star break- and Boston lost 1-0 to the Tigers??? How much would that suck if Boston finishes 1 game out of a playoff spot??? Oh wait- you wouldnt care. Youre too obsessed with the Yanks to notice.

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    [quote][i]Originally posted by AirForceJetFan[/i]@Jul 30 2003, 09:15 AM
    [b] FIRST PLACE!!! Thats how it's working out for him.

    How come the only happy, "everything-is-fine" Yankee fans seem to be the mark contingency?

    I have alot of friends/relatives that are Yankee fans and all of them are biting their nails this year...I've never seen them like this before. Furthermore, the newspapers and baseball periodicals are also gripping HARD when it comes to the Yankees.

    But if JonEJinx, Maxman, GJH, Vona41, and Smizzy all tell me everything is going to be fine...who am I to argue?

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    JBF, it's because some Yankee fans are true to the team and they know that the combonation of talent/experience/an owner who will do anything to win (a foreign concept to you as a bosox fan) and others are bandwagon jumpers that are anxiously awaiting a new dynasty to jump ship.

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    There is no way the Yankees will stay put...can bet on it... in terms of happening 1) Giles 2)Guerrero 3) JD Drew

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    You all are just spoiled yankee fans. Great defense and a bat with pop batting number nine. The yankees made a mistake the pieces were in place with Mondi . Mondesi played with heart for the yankees and treating him like a rookie try out was BS.


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