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Thread: Starting a new Yankee rumor: Aaron Boone?

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    i think Gammons is reporting the proposed deal is for Claussen for Boone.

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    I think we gonna see something like Claussen, Nick Johnson and some minor leaguers for Kendall (can take over DH and spell Posada who's defense SUCKS) Suppan and Giles. If they're gonna give up Claussen, they're gonna have to get back a big-time All Star bat. What ever the deal, the only way they give up Claussen is if they're getting a Giles/Guerrero type bat.

    Claussen for Boone straight up doesn't work, unless the Reds are gonna offload the rest of their bullpen-Graves and Sullivan.

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    Bugg, sorry it was a two for two trade and the other red was a bullpen guy that I thought was said was on a disabled list right now. I dont follow BB so the names did not mean anything.


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