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Thread: NY Jets Ratings in 2004

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    I have a source that has most of the Madden 2004 player ratings.

    I have to get back to it, but there are some things I remember.

    Conway is an 85
    Cherbet 79
    Chad 88
    J Abe 93
    D Abe 85
    Mcgraw 69 :o

    If you want more I can get it in a little. Also I might have some Pat ratings. I remember Brady was a 90.

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    The reason I ask is because I know some people won't want to see the ratings.

    and EDIT: Cherbet is an 80 not a 79.

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    I posted these yesterday.........crazy fools :lol:

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    I think there was a thread on this a couple of days ago, check back a few pages. B)

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    Bleh, my fault, and I thought I was all cool. :lol:


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