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Thread: OT: RedSox fans

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    I know you blowsox fans are making wood in front of the TV and running your mouths until they are dry, but August is just days away.

    Please check history!!!!

    Prediction - by 8/10 sox 5 back. By 9/10 sox 10 back

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    No way. We have the best hitting team in MLB and with Epstein making all the right moves, we will be right with you until the end.

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    I agree. The Yankees are starting to panic. With all the great moves we are making George is crapping his pants. And if we get another starter I think it will be the Yankees who are back 10.

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    I really have to admire the way you sox fans are so optimistic after what you have been through over the years.

    Will you ever learn?

    LOL - George is crapping his pants though..Hopefully, he stays in tampa and shuts the f up .

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    One piece of information that I would like to present to the Red Sox fans. The Yankees only have 8 more games against AL West division opponents, while the Red Sox have 21! While I know these do not translate into loses, as a Yankee fan I sure am glad we got the harder games out of the way. Especially being up 1 1/2 games ;)


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