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Thread: Hey anyone see Matt Bowen today

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    he put a serious hit on Trung sporstcenter.

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    That's the way to do it! Kill your own teammates! Go skins! Keep it up!

    Hope we get to see Chad Morton in their backfield come opening day! Our D-Line will be licking their chops. :P

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    Matt Bowen? :huh:

    I really think him and Lavreneous Coles will be the teams top 2 imports, if healthy, when the season starts. I can recall defending this dude on the board here when the Skins signed him. Snyder made a heap of assanine deals, but bringing in Bowen for a 6th rounder was solid. Matter of fact, I think Snyders [b][i]"real"[/i][/b] football people made the move.

    Anyway, I follow the Rams real close and recall Bowen doing great for them as a rook--even won teams rookie of the year in 2000 and started a few games and played well.

    Only reason he was cut by the Rams, is because Martz placed him on IR with a minor injury and Bowen and his agent demanded he be released, which they got (NFL rule).

    Trung, by the way, outside of a game versus the Jets, was awful for the Rams....That was likely a Snyder move :lol:


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