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Thread: Saturday ~ Jets VS Bucs

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    For me the pre-season has never been much about the vets ... you always tend to know what to expect from these cats when the bell rings.

    I have always used the pre-season to focus on the young bucks ... and perhaps this is why I tend to enjoy these games.

    Obviously the final score is irrelevent, and we already touched on the vets, but this is a chance for the youngsters to open some eyes ... for the high draft picks to make an impression, and for the less heralded kids to make their presense felt as well.

    There is a long list of youngsters I am eager to see in action on saturday {too many to list}, but I'm hoping to see a few of these kids make an impression ... including the Draft Class of 2003, the UDFA's, and some of the 2nd and 3rd years players.

    For whatever it's worth, for the folks who have trouble getting into a pre-season game, I find this approach makes these games so much more interesting ... and enjoyable.

    How bout you?

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    Personally i cant wait to get a peek at our rookie class.

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    "quick draw" mcgraw

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    Robertson, Harper, Glenn, Jonathon Carter, Hobson, Henderson, Tyrone Carter, and Bollinger.

    And of course, ST's, KR, P, and K.

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    I'll be watching everybody actually, specifically the depth on our OL, but the above names stand out at first.

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    Three words, oh wise one: De Wayne Robertson! LOL I'm tired of hearing second hand stuff and want to see the large one in action myself.

    Also, I'm curious to see how Hobson looks as well as Pagel. I'll also be watching how Pennington looks with Conway and if Moss is as good as hyped this year.

    My biggest concerns for the season? DT depth, Mo Lewis' effectiveness and Specials. I'll be watching those things carefully as well, over and over! I'm sure I'm not the ONLY Football starved guy who will be taping the game? LOL

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    [color=green]I'll be watching Bryan Thomas and Alan Harper to see if either of them have improved at all.This will be very important for us.[/color]

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    Offense: Conway, Moss, Becht

    Defense: Bryan Thomas, Dwayne Robertson, Hobson, McGraw

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    yep! looking forward to seeing the guys I have in my pics below play and Jonathan Carter, Chad Brinker, Clay Rush...more....

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    henderson, Moss, and baker.I also want to see how hobson looks.

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    The biggest 3 players I will be interested to see perform are:

    1. Moss- to see him at 100% and that speed and quickness everyones talking about.

    2. Pagel- The Iowa workhorse that has shades of McGraw.

    3. Robertson- to see the widebody take up space inside and shut the gaps up.

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    I do not expect to see much of the starters so I will be looking at special teams...kickers and returners...J Carter,Hobson,Tyrone Carter and then Jason Glenn and Khary Campbell

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    I though we'd see a few series of the starters for 2 reasons. One, to market the game. Two, because Herm said they's get more work this year. Cimini of the News says we'll only see them for one series, though. Good chance for Cecil Moore to get a jump on Carter & Swayne.

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    On the Bucs side of the ball I will be watching the entire O-line, especially the new guys Wade and Whittle. It would be nice to see Cosey Coleman play up to his potential and beat out Whittle for the starting RG spot.
    The rookie to watch on offense of course will be Chris Simms.
    I've also heard some good things about rookie WR Fabian Davis.

    On Defensive all eyes will be on Dwight Smith who makes the conversion from nickle back to FS. He should do fine. I'm really not worried about the D.

    The most watched guys on the Bucs may be the punters. Tupa vs Groom. Veteran against rookie, both Ohio State guys.

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    There are so many guys to watch on both teams.

    I'm interested to see if The Jets offense tries to experiment and goes deep a few times.

    I'll be watching the special teams closely. If there's one coach that i didn't want to miss this trip, It's Mike Westhoff.

    The entire rookie class interests me from Brooks Bollinger to Derek Pagel. I'll have a big eye on DeWayne Robertson, Victor Hobson and B.J. Askew.

    The rookies are usually the players that play the hardest in the pre-season. Most veterans just go through the motions. The rookies are fighting for their jobs.

    The 2nd and 3rd year players like Bryan Thomas, Alan Harper, James Reed,Jon McGraw etc are all going to be interesting to watch.

    I wonder how The Jets are going to handle the kicker rotation in saturday's game. Will Brien, Rush and Kight all get a kick?

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    I want to see Chad complete a deep fly with some accuracy... <_<

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    its all about the battle for 4 & 5 WR for me


    will all be watched especially if any help on out specials that could be the diff...

    im also interested in Goodwin, Wes Bautovich, Dallas Neil, Chad Brinker, Mark Brown (if he plays)

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    Its going to be so early in the morning i dont think ill be able to concentrate on anything..

    But ill try to keep my eye on DeWayne. See how he holds up, technique, pass rushing ability, how he takes on double teams etc....

    And one vet i will have my eye on is Curtis Conway. If he has a big year for us we could be heading to Houston in January.

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    Three players
    Cecil Moore

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    Henderson, McGraw, Hobson, Bryan Thomas, Askew.

    I&#39;d say Moss, Conway, etc...but something tells me they&#39;ll barely play in this one.


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