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Thread: Who will be up on Saturday morning?

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    Originally posted by RoadWarrior@Jul 31 2003, 01:08 PM
    That is rough I know i was 23 when it hit me.Your's is much worse then mine Iwas born with it and it hit when i was 23.It took 4 years before they did anything.So 3 years taking all kinds of pills is not good for the stomach.I don't know how you deal with the pain,it is rough.Iknow this one guy i know he goes to a pain clinic helps him deal with it.But i hope someday you can get help.
    Well I am out of work on disability until Sep 15th at least. I have alot of therapy, and I have percocet for the pain, Soma for the muscle spasms, and Vioxx for the inflammation. Alot of piils that I'm sure are reaking havoc on my stomach though I haven't had too much problems with the stomach yet. (knock on wood)

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    I'm looking at it as a 5-1/2 day work week, the extra "half" being setting the alarm for Saturday and waking up at my usual 5 a.m. Getting to a state of semi-consciousness and fighting the urge to fall back on the pillow is always half the battle Monday thru Friday. The bonus, of course, is that Saturday morning I can simply prop up my pillow, grab the remote, and screw the shower and shave

    I don't want to miss that first series with Chad, CuMar and the boys!

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    ill be watching @ 5 no doubt.... but the miami jet party will atually begin @ 430......


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